Something’s Gotta Give

It has been rough lately.  had some family stuff go down, in the middle of rectifying all of that… struggling with my weight… ever since I have officially gone to war against the weight I have not lost a single pound. I did a 30 day yoga challenge in August. I have been keeping up my exercise and also incorporated a 1600 calorie diet with the most nutritious food possible for two weeks now. not a single pound.  i have just taken up running. i am hoping running 3 days a week will help in addition to the power yoga. i am in shock at how hard it has been to lose weight.  i haven’t eaten any pastries at work. i have been watching my calories (though i have only been doing this barely 2 weeks, but still… nothing?). when i do go out to eat i go by the nutritonal info to stay within my calories.

I really pray that in the midst of all this, something will give. this is the fattest i have ever been in my life.  this is also the most active and healthiest eating that i have done all my life… i just don’t know what to think.



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  1. Dr Frank
    Oct 01, 2013 @ 14:31:27

    Keep it up! I love you and your hard efforts will pay off .


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