honestly surprised

It’s funny; things feel so different, i am honestly surprised at how antisocial i sorta am right now.  work is hard, but i do my best to distract myself. i sorta avoid my beloved yoga studio right now; i have only attended one yin class since i have come back. i am craving the nurturing stuff right now, i guess.  i am trying to get back into exercising, i just don’t really care. that and being so damn exhausted doesn’t help. no joke; according to my fitbit, i really do need to be in bed for 10 hours; that way, i can get 8 hours of sleep, though interspersed with lots of tossing and turning.  yay. i am trying to do the running thing, i can do that on my own time, sometimes frank comes with me.  i really want to go tonight, but i will at least walk. maybe. i have been up a long time today. fridays are my hell days.

anyhoo. just an observation.



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