while charging my fitbit

Flying out to NJ tonight.  This will be my first red eye flight… I am a little concerned about how I will fare at my sister’s wedding tomorrow, but i will snatch up as much sleep as i can, and load up on monsters to look bright eyed and bushy tailed for her big day.

i always enjoy coming to new jersey. it is my homestate, and alot of good things are here, such as my infamous family and my oldest friends whom i still meet up with when we can.

yes i am unhappy in california, but not devastatingly so; just frustrated with how things turned out for me. i have learned many valuable lessons that i will not soon forget. i don’t look at new jersey with rose colored glasses; by no means. however, it does offer me more in terms of happy feelings than california does here. i feel like i have been staying in a hotel the entire time i have been living here, but not the good kind where you don fluffy robes and have fruit poolside. i guess it harder to put into words than i realize.

looking forward to my sister’s wedding.

looking forward to spending time in new jersey with frank. we haven’t been out here together in years.

looking forward to letting my gaze rest upon the roiling atlantic ocean and committing it to memory once again.


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