Holiday Fun

Working in retail during the holidays usually sucks. I am currently employed by Starbucks, and as much as I love my job, there are times I hate it.

for example:

*waking up before 7am to work

*never having holidays off

*wearing clothes that get pretty darn dirty by the end of the day

*one word: clopens

*having to suppress my creepy self

Otherwise, it is great.  I get a free markout of a pound of coffee each week, awesome affordable health care. work with kooky partners, and drink all the free coffee i want while on the clock.  and, no responsibility since i am just a lowly barista.

But I have been working at Starbucks now for nearly 5 1/2 years, and the worst time of year is HOLIDAY. i can honestly say that holiday at starbucks has affected my perception of the holidays enormously, and not in a good way.  we should be closed for all major holidays. all of them. closed. whether we hang with family, friends, or by ourselves, shit should be CLOSED. remember when shit was CLOSED?  i do.

i understand that i work in a retail environment… i understand that. but it can be a little crazy at times, though i am sure the mall gets screwed way harder than any partner at starbucks does. thank GOODNESS i don’t work in an environment like that.

but… I might be. just for a few weeks. the other day, as I was getting ready for my trip to nj for my sister’s wedding, i stopped in at my local pandora shop to exchange a bead. they are always quite friendly there, and i am happy to show them my trollbeads since all they do is look at pandora all day. the manager asked me point blank if i was interested in working in their shop for holiday.  wow. i don’t know about you, but it hard as hell to get a job in this area. tons of teenagers are willing to be paid minimum wage, so good luck to folks like me that actually would like to be paid a bit more than that. even though that means that technically, i will have 3 jobs (let’s not forget my beloved Zuda Yoga job on Friday nights, which provides me with my free yoga, thank buddha), i think it would be fun. i informed her that i could only work one day a week. saturday.

and let’s not forget the employee discount 😉

oh, were you not aware that i have a slight obessession with jewelry?

i have an interview tomorrow.

wish me luck 😉


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