I want a baby g-shock watch :)

i was waiting to do an interview with Pandora today, and i decided to sit outside in the promenade and enjoy my coffee and people watch. 

It was a beautiful day, i was freshly showered after a busy morning at Starbucks and a hardcore yoga sesh at Zuda, and it was nice to get some fresh air and compose myself before the interview. 

After watching everyone walk in and out of the mall, i noticed how many people were glued to their mobile phones. It was alarming. I mean, yea i had my Blackberry chillin in my palm as well, but in between texts and watching the time ( i want to start wearing a watch because then i would look at my phone alot less) i made it a conscious point to look around and be aware of what’s around me. 

I mean, wtf? 

I am seriously getting a watch. I am also seriously considering leaving my mobile at home. 

You heard me. 

I love being glued to my phone. But i am missing out. I noticed who didn’t have a mobile phone in their hand; the kids playing. They were in the moment, having a great time. They didn’t need a phone. 

Time to get that baby g. And start weaning myself off of the phone.


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