so you want to be a yoga teacher

it would cost me $3000 to take the teacher training course in order to become a certified yoga teacher. i figured that it would take me a whole year of socking away $58 a week to afford it. i make about $200 a week. i live in a house i could not afford without my investments, and i have a car that has passed its free maintainence 60k ago. i am able to pay my household bills, but i cannot afford my house or auto insurance, or my property taxes, without my investments.

i became a karma yogi for zuda about a year ago. being a ky allows me to attend free yoga unlimited, plus i get a discount of stuff at the studio. all i do is work 4 hours a week, every friday night. i am grateful for that.

the teacher training course is held once a year, this year in january, and almost all of the ky’s are doing it. i feel left behind. should i be advancing forward as well? there was a time, not so long ago, that i would have dipped into my investments and paid for it. but that is something that i can no longer do. i must do my best to live with my $200 a week.

so i guess i don’t feel so bad, but, it just sorta sucks. they are all moving forward together, they have something new to bond over. i will just be ky’ing every friday folks, if you want to find me.


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