i’m walkin’ here!

i set out for a jog/walk that also incorporated a couple of tasks, such as depositing some money into the bank and picking up food for my day gecko.

i am disappointed at how annoying drivers are when it comes to pedestrians.  i use crosswalks, i use the walk/don’t walk sign, i wave “thanks” to you while i am crossing… why can’t you do your part and wait for me to cross?  is it that hard? i understand that maybe you had a bad day, that you might just want to get home or maybe you just want to get out of town for a bit… but that doesn’t excuse your poor behavior.

everytime a car sees me and shoots out so that they don’t have to wait for me, i make it a point to try to catch their eye and i throw my hands up. yes, i saw you. i was crossing tonight (in a crosswalk) and noticed (i waited for the WALK light) that a work truck saw me and graciously waited while i crossed. i heard a impatient BEEP and noticed the sedan behind the truck. i stopped at the other side after the truck allowed me to safely cross and i stared her down. she saw me.



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