i am in. 100%.

the other day, frank and i hashed it out about me. for the umpteenth time, i was carrying on about how much i disliked my appearance, how i wasn’t losing any weight… so on and so forth.


he suggested that possibly my diet was to blame, and that i should consider going back to eating meat. i was so upset by his statement that i yelled about the importance of being a vegetarian and how abhorrent i find it to eat flesh.

because it is horrific to me.

but now that i have had some time to think it over, i realize that though i think that my diet is perfect, it is far from it. too many carbs. too much sugar. fake sugar. not enough protein and greens. i spent some time at the bookshop today, and i discovered a few books that i will pick up and use. hopefully. i wonder if frank knew what impact of what he said and how it was going to affect me all along.

i am going to drag my juicer back out. i am going to buy a proper blender. i am going to start toting along a veg cookbook when i go food shopping so that i can shop smart. food ( and maybe some more yoga pants) is going to be my top priority.

i am going to give it 100%, and i cannot fail.

i will not give up on being a vegetarian. not until i have done everything in my knowledge to eat the right way for me.


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