the holidays are upon us

whether we like it or not, the holidays are here.

i am going to try something different this year.

i am still going to stay within the tradition of gift giving, that much is for sure. i will be more aware of my gift giving choices; i really want to buy locally, but that might be a bit hard. i am going to do my best and hopefully each year take one step away from the chains to take one step closer to support the local crafters.

but i want to give my time. i want be keep being nice, to not get mad at the retail onslaught that seems to dominate the holiday season. i want to give my time to my loved ones, and to give my time to strangers. this holiday i will be working three jobs. one is at my yoga studio, which is more of a haven for me as opposed to a job. i will be working at my usual coffee hangout, and also a jewelry shop. it will be interesting. i hope that i will have some time for everyone.

i am going to start a drive at all of the places where i work, asking for blankets/sleeping bags and toilet paper. once i have collected as much as i can, i am going to donate it to our local homeless shelter.

so if you are reading this, this is what i want from you for christmas.


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