I don’t know about you, but i like tradition. 

Maybe it doesn’t matter to you, but i like having holidays off and spending them with my loved ones. I absolutely do not enjoy working holidays. Not one bit.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. And, i am working. How sad. Granted, we have limited hours of operation tomorrow, so i guess its not so bad. And when i get off of work, my boyfriend and i are going to a friend’s home for thanksgiving dinner. Someone i havent seen since may, so it is going to be alot of catch up time. So its not so bad.

I want to extend my sympathies to anyone that is working tomorrow. Also, i want to extend my sympathies to those that have to work black friday. The greediness of those that want to buy stuff 5pm on Thanksgiving (i am looking at you, Toys R Us) is thoroughly repugnant and i will refrain from purchasing anything on Thanksgiving, or quite possibly on black friday, for that matter. 

However you choose to spend your Thanksgiving, i hope you enjoy it. 🙂 


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