the past two months have been emotionally grueling ones.  i am forever changed, and i wonder how this change will lead me.  

i have been retreating from my haven of yoga. i feel like, as much as i love my studio, i need to be somewhere new, to start fresh, to feel revitalized. my love affair with yoga is dwindling. i realize now that it isn’t yoga’s fault, but mine. i expected so much. but now…  i just don’t feel like doing anything. i only go to yoga when it is convenient. i just cannot afford the gas, and i really wish that there was a studio in lincoln besides that damn bikram. i am trying to incorporate running, but that isn’t going too well, because of my damn knee. i need to at least go for a walk everyday, i need to do something active everyday, and it isn’t happening.

back to basics.

our home is so quiet now. too quiet. it creeps me out to not hear the noises that i grown to expect and feel comforted by. there is no reason to rush home, and after 20 years of doing just that, the change is huge, and i am really unsettled by it. i don’t know what to do with myself. 




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