Here’s What’s Up.

Right now I am in the midst of a bout of coughing that provides me with the pleasure of a sore throat, stars in my eyes, and not much else.  The joys of being sick.

Since I have been growing my hair out with no dyeing, I have noticed that my grey hairs sparkle.  So they are silver, not grey. Yay.

Christmas was strange.  It felt flat.  Being horribly sick didn’t help. Not having Maggie around didn’t help either. Nor knowing that I couldn’t call my dad.  I honestly just want this year to be over. It has been a shitty year, though there was some good stuff sprinkled in there.  But it didn’t feel terrible, and I survived, and I will be spending next year with my family with some specialness added.  TBA on that.

seriously addicted to jewelry. But I am picky about my addiction. Just joined JewelMint, we will see how that works.  So far I picked out something cool for me and for someone else whose birthday is in a few months. weeee.

I am going to sit down with one of my coworkers and talk to them about why I seem to have a problem making friends. I wonder what it could be. I have never had such a hardship making friends since I moved here.  The only things that have changed is that I have had the same boyfriend for the past 8 something years and I moved to California.  So it could be that no one likes my boyfriend, and if that is the case, I would like to know, because he is who he is and this passive aggressive behaviour blows and I would like a straightfoward answer. Or maybe it is just Californians. Either way, I want feedback, and I want it now. Damn tired of this never getting asked to go anywhere crap. If this is laid back, then I don’t like it. I am sick to death of seeing people that I want to hang out with go hang out with other coworkers and not me.  What am I doing wrong?  I must be doing something wrong.  I just hope someone has the balls to tell me to my face.

I am really missing my yoga.  I am going to have to eat the gas money and drive there.  I need to go three times a week min. I feel like crap and I know it is because I am not practicing yoga.

Green smoothies are soon going to be a daily luxury for me… I got the money together and will be ordering a vitamix very soon. i am excited… now I will finally be having my veggies everyday and getting healthier.  maybe i will lose this damn weight already.

oh and one other thing. for one month, i am not going to utter any negative self talk about my weight. it doesn’t make me feel any better, and i am tired of it. if i can do it for one month, then i can do it for the next month, and the month after that. hopefully.



bad at math

really really broke. i am so glad i picked up a holiday job, or else i would not be able to buy christmas presents this year. i totally forgot that i really need to remember to put reminders in my blackberry to remember to pay the bills. 

i am very thankful for the help from my mum for buying my tires, and for Frank’s parents for paying me back by paying for the installation of my tires, as well as new brakes and a new axel boot. yay car. 

i am proud of myself for saving up enough so far to be able to buy all my christmas presents without using my credit card. so far, so good. i still have a couple more pandora paychecks to use…

i really hope that my mum buys me the refurbished vitamix. i really need a good blender. i have realized the hard truth that i need to not only keep my calories low, specifically 1320 a day, but i need to make every calorie count. damn. no wiggle room. i just remembered the skinny cupcake i had from icing on the cupcake today. totally forgot to log that in. 

i am going to a party tonight. and technically, i shouldn’t eat anything. that is another reason why i should have watched what i was eating earlier.  well, it is a party, so i am going to enjoy myself but not go crazy. tomorrow is a new day. let’s hope i don’t mess it up!  i will treat myself to pluto’s for lunch tomorrow if i end up working a full shift at pandora. their salads are delish. 

so moral of this is… put reminders in my blackberry for bills so i don’t miss paying them, and log my food as soon as i eat it to keep myself hyper aware of my calories.