It’s True…

It's True...

A year ago, I never would be on the Pandora website, building a bracelet. I thought Pandora looked too cutesy, that Trollbeads is way better.
Trollbeads is always number 1 with me. Their glass beads are spectacular. I only own one glass Pandora bead, the cherry blossom. Otherwise, the rest of them look like a 3 year old made them.
But out of the hundreds or Pandora charms, I find 15 or so of them pretty awesome. And here they are on this bracelet.
I made it myself.
So yep… Now I have two traditonal Pandora bracelets, a multistrand bracelet, and an Essence bracelet.
Of course my Trollbeads collection is mammoth compared to the Pandora collection. But Pandora can do a few things, like a star themed bracelet that looks edgy and goes well with all the black I wear. Trollbeads don’t ever look edgy. Though, the X by TRollbeads is REALLY edgy. I pair my X with my Pandora all the time now.
So yes.
I have Pandora in my jewelry collection.
It’s true.



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