Books and Stuff.

Hobbling back and forth.  What a way to end the work day.  But soon I will be pulling on my boots so that I can show my damn Fitbit that I can try to achieve 10k steps.  At least I am getting more use out of my wolf hat.

I have pretty much resorted to a solitary life, save for my lovely live-in boyfriend.  Work is a painful social exercise.  But I am getting better at just showing up and doing my job.  I try not to say too much about me, not that I am afraid of what they will think.  I just don’t want to waste my breath on people that don’t get me.  I am done with wasting my time.  I am not mad, just finally wising up.  If we can get each other, then what the hell am I doing associating with you?

I need fascinating people around me.  I need people smarter than me around me.  I find that hard to do where I have been living for the past 8 long years.  Foo.

One thing I miss is reading.  I am compiling a list by stealing from others.  I am pretty isolated so if you have any thought provoking books to suggest please feel free to comment here. 

Here is my list so far:


The Werewolf by Montague Summers

Lost Books Of the Bible

Dictionary Of Angels

Occult Roots of Nazism


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