The State Of Troll

So after exhausting my paltry cash, i swiftly set to using my credit card. i feel sort of bad revealing it here, but I SWEAR I am taking it off of my Paypal account straight away.  I forgot that I had never taken it off.  I don’t know what exactly Trollbeads is up to, but it has caused a good number of Trollbeads and X retailers to jump ship, and I have taken advantage of their misfortune.

I work for the other team. Pandora.  Only once in awhile, when they need me, and truth be told, I have a growing little collection once I realized that Pandora has a few strengths: they make sparkly pave charms, they also make a few gothy oxidized charms, and they have have a strong Asian influence in a number of their charms.  Otherwise, the other 85% of their charms are utter garbage (though the Essence line is quite elegant).  And, EVERYONE knows who Pandora is.

Trollbeads was my first foray into the modular charms market that the Danish know how to do so well.  I am of the booksy, wandering-in-a-forest type, and Trollbeads fits the bill perfectly.  I have never come into contact with a line of jewelry so well suited to my personality.  I have amassed quite a collection, and have even delved into their 18k gold collection, and I now have a jaw dropping gold bracelet that I will never regret having bought. 

Then Trollbeads came out with X last fall.  I was ecstatic.  It is edgy, with rubber being the main focus of the bracelet.  Rubber!  And, it stacks perfectly with anything.  It automatically makes any stack on my wrist look urban and dark.  How perfect is that?  It is nothing like their original line, and I give them kudos for being brave enough to go in a completely different direction and take an artistic chance. 

Pandora also came out with a new bracelet line, called Essence.   However, it is merely a pared down, classier version of their original line.  Which isn’t bad, it is a very elegant bracelet.  I wear mine frequently because it is so light and quite honestly, the tinkling of the charms (Trollbeads & Pandora) can get on my nerves a bit at times.  I tend to wear my Essence and X together alot.

I don’t know what Trollbeads is going to do next.  I hope that there will be a change for the good.  I love Trollbeads, and to see so many retailers discontinue the sale of TB makes me concerned.  If I wasn’t so unsure of their fate, I would be looking more intently into opening a concept TB shop.  I went to one of those in NYC.  I was entranced.  If I didn’t have my friend with me, I probably would have spent  a good few hours poring over the charms, doing a little charm play.  I am such a magpie.  I love the shinies.  Handbags are next on my list of obsessions, but with my renewed commitment to my veg lifestyle, I am trying not to buy leather unless it is used/preloved…

But I digress.

The Trollbeads NYC concept shop was gorgeous.  I grabbed all the pamphlets/booklets I could, I took a few hesitant pics but I wish I had taken more.  I hope to head back up there in August, when I fly out to the East Coast to see my family.  Actually, I will definitely go back up there.  Hah.

I am quite sure it would cost all of my limbs to start up a TB concept shop.  We will see.  Maybe I can simply sell my soul and keep my limbs?

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