My New X, Pt. 1

My New X, Pt. 1

For those of you that may not be familiar with Trollbeads or X for that matter, here are 2 links for you to check out: and
Trollbeads is a Danish modular jewelry line that is comprised of sterling silver, 18k gold, gemstone, and glass designs. You string beads onto one of their sterling silver or gold bracelets, and then fit the end with a Trollbeads lock. Completely customizable. Frequently mistaken for Pandora here in the U.S. (though Trollbeads is the first to have done this style, Pandora came along years later).
X by Trollbeads is an entirely new concept of modular bracelets made up of 18k gold, sterling silver, bronze, and rubber. X is different in that one designs the bracelet link by link. Not mistaken for anything else.
I recently bought some X links on sale, and here are two of them, Rock And Roll and Snake.
I was surprised at how big and heavy the Snake link is and how light the Rock And Roll is, I had expected the former to be lighter and the latter to be heavier. Hope I phrased that right.



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