My Rebeligion Bracelet

My Rebeligion Bracelet

This was my birthday present to myself, including my X links. Been a niiiiice birthday 🙂 Rebeligion is a small German company that makes sterling silver beads that slide onto leather. This is the first leather item I have bought for myself in over a year. I normally do not buy new leather products, only used/preloved in order to reduce/reuse/recycle, but I couldn’t find this used anywhere, since this is such a new jewelry line.
I can probably get away with wearing this at Starbucks, but I would never wear this in a professional environment; it is chunky and in-your-face, and unless you work in an environment that is cool with horned skulls, I would suggest a different silver piece. They do have more understated pieces, so it can be work friendly.
Here is the link to their website if you wish to find out more:



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