For My Upcoming Birthday Next Year

I find that people have very mixed feelings about celebrating birthdays past a certain time.  America has an issue with growing old.  They don’t like it.  They worship the beautiful youth with no wisdom, and shun the wrinkly elderly with sage advice.  I was young once, I still feel that I am quite alright, and as long as I keep practicing yoga and eat right and sleep and stay out of the sun and drink water, I should be A-OK. 

Kids get the greatest parties.  So does the 21 year old group, and the elderly group at like… I dunno 65 maybe?  Usually a retirement party. 

But that’s it? 

Oh right… turning 30 and turning 40 for women are milestones to be lamented.  I forgot.  People lie about their age, they want to be 29 or 39 for as long as they can pull it off. 

And presents.  Let’s not forget about presents.  There comes a time, I am not sure when it is, I think it differs from family to family or within a certain sociological group, but there comes a time when it is a childish action to receive or expect presents for one’s birthday. 

I am certainly not asking anyone to change their behavior; I am merely blogging about what I have seen, over and over, and if that is what makes you happy, lying about your age, no longer celebrating your birthday because that’s “childish”, or what have you, then great.

But don’t tell me what to do with my birthdays.  They are mine, and if I want a party, or gifts, or if I want to celebrate in any way that I see fit, i.e. taking the day off form work, then so be it.  I don’t expect anyone to throw me a party.  I am old enough to throw my own.  I don’t expect anyone to buy me a gift.  I can treat myself.  But what I do expect is no judgement.  You don’t want to give me a gift? No problem.  I would love a “Happy Birthday” though, via phonecall, text, or even a simple hurried Facebook post.  And if even that is too much to ask, then maybe we shouldn’t be friends.

I will be turning 40 next year, and I am going to celebrate in a big way.  I am happy to be alive, and that is the bottom line reason as to why I love celebrating my birthday.  I don’t see anything wrong with that.  I am going to try to plan a California Coastline trip, and buy myself something I can’t afford.  You’re only 40 once.  I want to celebrate and have a memorable experience.


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