veg to paleo

For those of you that may not have known, I have temporarily given up the vegetarian lifestyle in order to determine if I will feel better.  I am going to look into the paleo diet, and I think, according to the stories I have read, that I am having similar issues.  I honestly feel that since everyone is different, then so will be our eating choices.  I have been a vegetarian, an ethically very good one, for many years.  I wasn’t good to myself though.  I ate way too much carbs and sugar to compensate for meat, and this may be the reason why I have gained 40 pounds in the last 9 years.  I know that there will be alot of strong feelings one way or the other on this matter, but I need to do what I need to do in order to figure out my health.

What I found a bit disconcerting was the ease that it took for me to go back to meat.  I have only been eating for about two weeks, but no problems.  I am going to keep taking probiotics for awhile just to make sure, but I am amazed after years of not eating meat how I just slipped right back into it.  People suggested chicken and fish, but I have found that I do not enjoy chicken.  Rather, beef is my favorite, and I find that also a bit disconcerting.

I am giving it a year to see what changes happen.  I will keep you posted.


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