a damn tv show

I stumbled across the HBO series titled True Detective.  It has Woody Harrelson, whom I admire.  It also starrs Matthew McConaughey, who has never acted in anything I have ever liked.  Quite frankly, I considered Mr. M an idiot.  This prevented me from watching it, because Mr. M, in my mind, would have bungled the entire series, much to my chagrin but to the mundane’s delight.

I was wrong. 

So, so wrong.

Mr. M plays the character of Rustin Cohle, and Woody plays the character of Martin Hart.  For more detail, here is Wikipedia’s details on the show: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/True_Detective_(TV_series)

I have never, in all my years of watching movies, television, theatre, or reading books, have ever come across a character like Rust that spoke to me on so many levels.  I truly identify with this character, and I am shocked, more than anyone, that I am even writing this blog. I am obsessed with Rust, and have rediscovered things about myself or about the world that I either have forgotten, set aside, or never noticed in the first place.  That’s a pretty damn big thing to say about a tv show. 

I am thankful for this show.  It tells me that somewhere, out there, someone gets it.  They may not agree with it, but all I ask is that you get it.  This gives me a renewed sense of determination to continue on my own path and to not let anyone or anything stop me.  And that path is knowing what I want.  After I figure that out (if I ever do), I have a whole other path to walk on. 

Thanks Rust.

You’re my new influence and I am cool with a fictional character of an 8 episode show to be just that.



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