Lululemon Group Think & Confession Of Shallow Obsession(s)

I received an email last week from Lululemon for a group interview. I had applied a month or so ago, and honestly,with how my track record has been with employment here in Cali, i was surprised. If i get a second interview, i will be even more surprised.  It was interesting. I wore the obligatory Lulu garb, i even sported a cute little Lulu bag. I wore straight black, even my toenails were black, no makeup except for some mascara, slicked my hair back into a sleek ponytail, and off i went. I think i looked pretty nifty. It was an interesting mix, all girls save for one guy… All in their 20’s and 30’s. I varied my times answering; sometimes i would be first, sometimes last, sometimes in the middle. There were pushy ones, midwest ones, me, and some other folks. I think i did ok. I hope i made an impression, though i was more distracted that we were smack right in front of the Nordstroms Cafe, and i was fiending for a coffee the whole time. 

I got up at the unholy hour of 5am today to meet a friend for yoga at 6 somewhere in Rocklin. It’s a fit club, its free, and they have all sorts of free classes every day. Apparently crossfit is the new workout for 2014… I want to try it out… It typically is a 2 hour long class that is very intense. And people do this… At least 5 times a week? I doubt any of those people work at Starbucks. I will be lucky to squeeze in 2. I am starting with 1. There are people out there that find working out fun. I do not. I know that in order to stay fit and healthy, you need to exercise. I get it. I prefer to incorporate fun or a task with my workout, like walking to take care of stuff instead of driving down the street. Sigh. 

So here is my shallow,obsessive confession that some already know: jewelry. I have such an eye for the shinies. Next year i will be turning 40… I felt turning 40 warranted a nice piece and a nice little trip. i have been eyeing this ring for two years. It is from Cartier and as soon as i saw it i wanted it for my 40th. I have also watched it go up in price once already… I heard through the grapevine that Cartier was having yet another price increase in less than a week. Cartier is already quite expensive… For alot of people, also considered a total waste of money. 

Sidenote: having this love for jewelry and the reaction i get has really made me aware of this. I just want to put this out there: to each their own. I find it terribly annoying to hear the comments. I love jewelry, and sometimes i love expensive jewelry. I am not going to go on and on defending myself here, but here is another thought: people living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. i do judge people that buy $6+ caramel macchiattos everyday with their EBT cards. I mean… Damn! 

Anyways. I have a Cartier Red card. When you purchase with it, you either get 6 months or 12 months interest free. What i didn’t know is that if you don’t use your Red card often enough, they sorta cancel it. My card was sorta cancelled due to years of inactivity. Ugh. I chose to use my credit card, which yes is nice because i just racked up a bunch of points but… Now i have to pay it off in less than a month. I would have preferred at least 6. I purchased a ring, in yellow gold, because the white gold would have looked strange. It is from the Juste Un Clou collection, and it is seriously just a nail (albeit in solid 18k gold) wrapped around my finger. I love the mix of high and low with this piece, and i am so excited to get it. I should receive it by Friday. I will open it up, pop it onto my finger to ensure the fit is correct, take a nice hand modeling pic, and then hand it over to my other half to stow it away until my 40th in 9 months. Nine, long months. People have said, you’re buying it now,why not wear it now? And i answer, because i like the significance of dates. For a birthday that i consider significant and a ring to commemorate that, i can wait. 




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