How’s That Ban Going?

Already poring over jewelry sales.  I had used my Bloomingdales Power Points to buy a necklace that I am in like with, but not in love with.  Now that my power points are back up, I am going to exchange it for something I am in love with. 

Like the meteorite. 

Funny how I am banning myself from jewelry, but I have two exceptions: I really want to finish my Pandora stars bracelet, which is very nearly done. And… I have $200 in Bloomingdales gift cards burning a hole in my pocket.  Well, they will be once I get them.  Just waiting for my Thank You Points from Citibank to kick in.

Also waiting for Yoogi’s to approve the jewelry I sent them for consignment, since I plan on paying off my David Yurman cuff and necklace with the consignment money.  Oh, how responsible of me.

The banning has started with a BANG but also a WAIT… I need to do just a couple more things and then I am GOOD. 

I do hate loose ends though. I need two clips and two charms and that should do it. 



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