Testing Myself

Jewelry ban starts June 1. Whole30 starts June 15.  Whew.

I am almost ready for the jewelry ban.  picking up a few more pieces and then I should be good to go for a year.  I brought a bunch of Troll charms to my meetup today, but only sold two pieces, though I sold an X link and a Noosa chunk.  Need to figure out how much I got from that…  I just need to prove to myself that I am not addicted to jewelry.  At least this will slow me down. 

I am getting ready for the whole30 deal.  I have two cookbooks, I am reading up on the whys and wherefores of the paleo lifestyle… I am excited yet nervous at the same time. 

Slipped a sleeve onto my iced coffee cup tonight.  I was amazed I did that… But DAMN it was a sweaty cup!  Gross!


Twinkle, twinkle, little star

For those of you that knew Thunder and loved him as much as i do, there is now a little star in the Andromeda galaxy that is named after him. Please be sure to look up and say “hello” if you feel like it. 

Pandora Stars

Pandora Stars

I have 3 Pandora bracelets. I have 2 traditional, and 1 Essence. This one has been the project that i am trying to finish before my ban begins. This is very full, though some other Pandora addicts would attempt to squeeze in a few more. I may end up with even less charms… I like the oxidized bracelet itself peeking through, its the whole reason i chose it over a standard silver. The theme of this is, quite simply, “stars”. I have been obsessed with stars within the past year. This turning out much better than i had initially planned.


Something green

Something green

This just goes to show how awesome of a jewelry collection i have. This is one of my favorite Trollbead combos i have put together.



I used to weigh 130 pounds and fit into a size 6 or 7 pant.  That was nearly 10 years ago, and I currently weigh 170 pounds and have no idea how to lose the weight. 

I miss my thinner self.  I used to go out more, I used to eat less.  I also used to smoke cigarettes, I am sure that contributed to eating less. 

I need to stop with the negative self talk, the talk that makes me cry because I am eating healthy, eating less, i am more active than I have been in the past few years, but it isn’t enough.  And right now, I don’t have anymore to give.

But I am afraid to stop with the negative self talk.  I am afraid if I just let it go; if I just go out and buy size 12 (or bigger, depending on where I shop) so that I can be comfortable, that I will get fatter.  And I cannot afford to get any fatter. 

The dichotomy is killing me.

My charm bracelet obsession

Thanks to Trollbeads, i am totally obsessed with modern charm bracelets.

I have one traditional charm bracelet, from Tiffany’s, and i love it. However, it is terribly cumbersome to wear, and i am seriously considering splitting it because i would like to enjoy all the gorgeous charms instead of looking at it and wearing it infrequently.  i am just trying to decide what should go where.

My Trollbeads collection is quite extensive. I am going to purchase a special jewelry box for my Pandora/ Trollbeads/ Chamilia/ Thomas Sabo beads… At the moment they are jumbled a bit and for the time and money i have put into acquiring my beads, i need to display them better. I am excited about that, because my official jewelry ban date is looming closer and i think appropriate storage and display will help me remember how many beautiful pieces i have.

When i first started my ban, i realized that i had a few jewelry projects unfinished. My Trollbeads collection is good. I don’t need any new ones for quite awhile, at least a year. My Trollbeads X bracelets are also good for at least a year or more. My Pandora stars bracelet is nearly finished… I might need a couple more charms, but i need to have some charm play and see if it can wait a year. I have one other Pandora, but that one has no real definition and can wait a year. My Pandora Essence bracelet can also hold for a year. My Thomas Sabo Karma bracelet needs to be finished up before this ban starts. I also just started a Chamilia bracelet and would like to have that onto a good start before the ban.

I am surprised i picked up on the Chamilia line. I have always loved their glass. I first noticed Chamilia when i was visiting my favorite NJ Trollbeads shop. I really liked their glass. But i noticed that the Chamilia bracelet chain looked exactly like the Pandora chain , so i passed. Last week i was at my local Trollbeads dealer, and she showed me a gorgeous and completely different Chamilia bracelet. I was hooked. So that’s the story with that. 

Not to generalize things, but i put Pandora and Chamilia in one category and Trollbeads and Thomas Sabo Karma in another in terms of style. Pandora and Chamilia can easily become cutesy and childish, whereas Trollbeads and Karma are edgier and more artisan. I have created a very non cutesy Pandora bracelet, and it looks fantastic. I plan on doing the same with Chamilia, though i plan on using more glass. 

Trollbeads is not readily available; the two dealers i buy from are each at least 45 minutes away, so sadly i frequently order online to save on gas and sales tax. They have beautiful quirky heavily oxidised silver charms. Their glass is gorgeous. They also have a beautiful collection of natural faceted gemstones.  You can also swap out the clasps, so Trollbeads are fully customised. 

Pandora is readily available. I work at Pandora, i get an employee discount. Pandora is pretty much everywhere, and thus easy to build my bracelet quickly. Pandora’s glass beads are the least refined. They are uninspired and i only like one; otherwise i won’t buy any of them. Pandora also quickly borders on cutely childish so i only like a very small number of their charms.

Thomas Sabo Karma beads are the new kids on the block. They don’t have glass, but they have some natural gemstones. They have a very dark theme, so as a result i love the majority or their charms. They can be quite pricey. As for durability, i haven’t worn mine long enough to determine that yet, but so far, so good.  Karma is very hard to find, there are no shops in my state so i can only order online.

Chamilia is also hard to find, i know of one place that is close enough to drive to, but it is at least 45 minutes away. their glass is gorgeous. their silver charms can quickly become too childish so i will need to choose carefully, but there are a few that are really cool. 

Time to finish up before the ban.

Jewelry Ban Part 2

So far, so good, I guess. I got the 2 Pandora clips I wanted, I got the Thomas Ssbo Karma beads I wanted, I just need 2 more Chamilia charms and the meteorite pendant. 

I am really quite a bit nervous doing this, I see new stuff coming out that is quite beautiful, and immediately my first thought is, I want that!!!

Like this: https://www.xbytrollbeads.com/en

The blasted raven pendant!!!  I ADORE bird skulls… I actually do have a raven skull already, but not one like this… How am I going to make it through this jewelry ban when one of my favorite designers comes up with this???  I can’t buy it.  I can’t and I won’t.  But this SUCKS.

And apparently Pandora is coming out with rose gold charms.  I would love a rose gold bracelet, and this could potentially be the way that I could achieve that.  That is supposed to be coming out in the fall. 

Its going to be a tough year.


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