Jewelry Ban Chapter 1

Not going as planned.  Well, sort of.  I am tying up “loose ends”.  I definitely am going through with the ban, but I really want a few things to happen before I jump in 100%.

  1. I had purchased a lovely Thomas Sabo Karma bracelet during a promo where you buy the bracelet and get a free stone bead.  The one bead looks so lost… I wanted to give it a bit of a more finished look, so I saw there was a new promo where you buy the bracelet of necklace and get another free stone bead.  I bought the necklace… the chain is lovely and for the price it can’t be beat.  I am going to use the necklace for the David Yurman meteorite tag I plan on getting with my rewards from Bloomingdales.  So I got the necklace, the stone bead for free, a stopper for my bracelet, and I was really coveting the black pave bead so I got that.  Ok so I can now check my Thomas Sabo bracelet off the list, it should be good for at least a year.
  2. I have a Pandora bracelet that I have been building for months.  I have carefully selected the most oxidized and least cutesy and so far it looks great.  I really want the oxidized rockstar clips.  I am planning on getting those and that should tide me over for a year.
  3. Get the David Yurman meteorite tag ( I should be able to get it sans chain).
  4. And this is a surprise entry: Chamilia.  I was at my Trollbeads LD the other day, and she showed me this beautiful chain called Twist.  I had never seen that for a charm bracelet before!  She was selling it for 50% off since it was a retired item.  I have always loved Chamilia’s glass, but I have a “thing” about mixing brands of beads together, so I tend to buy separate bracelets for each brand.  I see that Chamilia has a beautiful black glass and I am also going to choose a silver and that should also get me through the year.

And that’s it.  I am keeping my 40th birthday present in its red box until February. 

I feel bad that I have a list of shineys to buy before my ban goes into full effect, but its like packing for a trip; I have to be prepared.


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