Jewelry Ban Part 2

So far, so good, I guess. I got the 2 Pandora clips I wanted, I got the Thomas Ssbo Karma beads I wanted, I just need 2 more Chamilia charms and the meteorite pendant. 

I am really quite a bit nervous doing this, I see new stuff coming out that is quite beautiful, and immediately my first thought is, I want that!!!

Like this:

The blasted raven pendant!!!  I ADORE bird skulls… I actually do have a raven skull already, but not one like this… How am I going to make it through this jewelry ban when one of my favorite designers comes up with this???  I can’t buy it.  I can’t and I won’t.  But this SUCKS.

And apparently Pandora is coming out with rose gold charms.  I would love a rose gold bracelet, and this could potentially be the way that I could achieve that.  That is supposed to be coming out in the fall. 

Its going to be a tough year.



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