Testing Myself

Jewelry ban starts June 1. Whole30 starts June 15.  Whew.

I am almost ready for the jewelry ban.  picking up a few more pieces and then I should be good to go for a year.  I brought a bunch of Troll charms to my meetup today, but only sold two pieces, though I sold an X link and a Noosa chunk.  Need to figure out how much I got from that…  I just need to prove to myself that I am not addicted to jewelry.  At least this will slow me down. 

I am getting ready for the whole30 deal.  I have two cookbooks, I am reading up on the whys and wherefores of the paleo lifestyle… I am excited yet nervous at the same time. 

Slipped a sleeve onto my iced coffee cup tonight.  I was amazed I did that… But DAMN it was a sweaty cup!  Gross!



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