#whole30 day 15, and a jewelry addiction

Today is day 15 of my whole30! I am so glad to realize that my addiction to carbs was not as bad as I had suspected.
My jewelry addiciton is a whole other issue. I started my jewelry year long ban on June 1. I have broken that ban a few times already, and for crying out loud, what the hell? So now I need to leave all the Facebook groups I joined. They are selling gold charms that are too cheap to resist, and I really need to stop buying jewelry. Seriously.



The ban is failing

I blame it on whole30.  This damn whole30 is driving me a bit batty, so my willpower is low.  how can one beat 50% off of gold?  i can’t.  ok deep breath… and keep moving forward. i only broke the ban… two times this month.  and it was gold. sigh.

i slept 11 hours last night, looking forward to another 11.  I am cool with it as long as i am not waking up early for work which interferes with my 11 hours of beauty rest.

i had an interview with Alex and Ani today.  there is a damn good chance i might be their next assistant manager.  let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Subculture Style Is Not Size or Age Specific


Gloomth & the Cult of Melancholy


I often hear or read remarks along the lines of “I would love to wear that, but I’m far too fat to look good in lolita” or “Isn’t goth just for skinny waifs? I wouldn’t fit in” or “I’m too old to wear such colorful clothes!” or any variation citing one’s body as a reason to not participate in a subculture or creative fashion. These excuses all come down to fear- fear of being ridiculed, of rejection, of possibility- what a waste to spend a life wishing you’d experimented more, expressed yourself more fully!

Subculture fashion began as a rebellion against the expected, the mainstream- hence counter culture. And what’s more “expected” than adhering the completely made up concepts of age-appropriate apparel and putting everyone over size 8 in a matronly tent? Embracing your creativity and enjoying the unique styles you love and wearing them at *all* sizes and ages…

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I am getting a #BlackberryQ10

So after much thought, I am sticking with Blackberry.  I was pretty damn close to getting an iphone.  But… I no longer find it important to have face time.  The bottom line is, I really love and miss the Blackberry keyboard.  2 years ago I had a no contract Blackberry Curve that while I loved the keyboard, the camera SUCKED.  I love taking photos with my phone, and it would take the most horrible ones.  So I joined up with Frank and his dad on their family plan, and got the all touchscreen Blackberry Torch.  I would have gotten the Blackberry Bold, but it has a terrible camera. 


Absolutely HATE them.  For the past two years, I have been cursning my seeming ineptitude of texting when it was the keyboard’s fault.  When the Q10 came out, I was elated.  Finally!  A touchscreen phone with a keyboard!  And I have been counting down the days ever since.

But then the familiar naysayers chimed in… it has no apps it has no apps it has no apps… Well, it has the big ones, like facebook and twitter.  And from what I have learned, I can easily sideload instagram.  So… it has the apps I want.  If I can sideload Fitbit I will be PSYCHED. 

So please stop giving me flak about geting a Blackberry.  Don’t you have something better you can do?


#Paleo #Whole30 Day 10

I still feel tired, I am ok with that, sure beats the headaches I had the first 2 days.  It could also just be that I had to be up early the past 2 days, and I never sleep well when I have to be up early.  I am still impatiently waiting to have my coffee with cream and sugar.  Otherwise, I have no other real “wants” or cravings.  I have been keeping myself busy by looking up information on which new phone to get (my upgrade is July 19, 4 days after my Whole30 ends, so I am sorta looking at it as a reward).  I have also been reorganizing and playing with my Trollbeads and X more and that has helped.  I have also been watching ALOT of TV and that helps, believe it or not.  I have resigned to drinking tea because I cannot drink coffee with cream and sugar.  I tried steaming coconut milk today and then I steeped two chai tea bags in it but it ended up being a waste.  I received my sugar free bacon today, and honestly it is just as delicious as regular bacon.  Glad I bought it; I have 7 pounds of it, that was the minimum so yea I got hella bacon.  Nom nom.  Still waiting for my damn Epic bars to get here.  I am planning on using them for lunch.  I have been doing the fruit smoothies for breakfast and yep I am starving a couple of hours later so those Epic bars would come in handy (HURRY UP PLEASE).  I have been trying to watch my fruit intake.  I am eating too much fruit and not enough vegetables.  But I am still doing way more veggies than I normally do. 

The changes I have noticed so far: headaches for the first 2 days, tiredness but it is getting a little better, the foggy feeling has lifted a bit, my digestive system is making “adjustments” to put it politely and so far thats it.  I have not yet felt the burst of energy, I hope I do, because that is really what I want to get out of this.

I am going to do my best to keep up this diet.  I feel that I don’t actually have a choice, I think my fun time of mindlessly chomping on carbs is over.  I need a better zoodle maker.  The one I bought sucks.  I am going to keep using it until I get a better one and then return it because the shoddy one I initially bought cuts your finger as you are twisting the zucchini and no thanks to blood in my zoodles. 


Day 6 Whole30

I ended up yelling at Frank because we had nothing cooked up to eat and we decided on shrimp and zoodles but by the time he came home I realized how long it was going to take and yep I yelled.  In all honesty my feet hurt alot, we had done this long walk before we went to work, it was probably a bad idea but at least we got over 10k steps in.  Man… to get 10k steps in EVERY day?  I just don’t have time for that.  AND cooking? AND working?  AND house stuff?

Of course I feel terrible that I yelled.  That was pretty damn stupid, especially since he had gone to this all this trouble to buy a proper grill pan for the bbq and all that. 

I am muddling through the 30 days, we have almost completed our first week, and I think that it is going to be a long hard road but I think we will complete it.

Day 3 of Whole30

No headache today, but slept ALOT.  Off to bed now, curious as to how much I will sleep since it my day off tomorrow.  I will be out and about tomorrow, trying to plan where I can have a paleo Whole30 approved meal.  I think I have it figured out. 

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