I am getting a #BlackberryQ10

So after much thought, I am sticking with Blackberry.  I was pretty damn close to getting an iphone.  But… I no longer find it important to have face time.  The bottom line is, I really love and miss the Blackberry keyboard.  2 years ago I had a no contract Blackberry Curve that while I loved the keyboard, the camera SUCKED.  I love taking photos with my phone, and it would take the most horrible ones.  So I joined up with Frank and his dad on their family plan, and got the all touchscreen Blackberry Torch.  I would have gotten the Blackberry Bold, but it has a terrible camera. 


Absolutely HATE them.  For the past two years, I have been cursning my seeming ineptitude of texting when it was the keyboard’s fault.  When the Q10 came out, I was elated.  Finally!  A touchscreen phone with a keyboard!  And I have been counting down the days ever since.

But then the familiar naysayers chimed in… it has no apps it has no apps it has no apps… Well, it has the big ones, like facebook and twitter.  And from what I have learned, I can easily sideload instagram.  So… it has the apps I want.  If I can sideload Fitbit I will be PSYCHED. 

So please stop giving me flak about geting a Blackberry.  Don’t you have something better you can do?



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