#Paleo #Whole30 Day 10

I still feel tired, I am ok with that, sure beats the headaches I had the first 2 days.  It could also just be that I had to be up early the past 2 days, and I never sleep well when I have to be up early.  I am still impatiently waiting to have my coffee with cream and sugar.  Otherwise, I have no other real “wants” or cravings.  I have been keeping myself busy by looking up information on which new phone to get (my upgrade is July 19, 4 days after my Whole30 ends, so I am sorta looking at it as a reward).  I have also been reorganizing and playing with my Trollbeads and X more and that has helped.  I have also been watching ALOT of TV and that helps, believe it or not.  I have resigned to drinking tea because I cannot drink coffee with cream and sugar.  I tried steaming coconut milk today and then I steeped two chai tea bags in it but it ended up being a waste.  I received my sugar free bacon today, and honestly it is just as delicious as regular bacon.  Glad I bought it; I have 7 pounds of it, that was the minimum so yea I got hella bacon.  Nom nom.  Still waiting for my damn Epic bars to get here.  I am planning on using them for lunch.  I have been doing the fruit smoothies for breakfast and yep I am starving a couple of hours later so those Epic bars would come in handy (HURRY UP PLEASE).  I have been trying to watch my fruit intake.  I am eating too much fruit and not enough vegetables.  But I am still doing way more veggies than I normally do. 

The changes I have noticed so far: headaches for the first 2 days, tiredness but it is getting a little better, the foggy feeling has lifted a bit, my digestive system is making “adjustments” to put it politely and so far thats it.  I have not yet felt the burst of energy, I hope I do, because that is really what I want to get out of this.

I am going to do my best to keep up this diet.  I feel that I don’t actually have a choice, I think my fun time of mindlessly chomping on carbs is over.  I need a better zoodle maker.  The one I bought sucks.  I am going to keep using it until I get a better one and then return it because the shoddy one I initially bought cuts your finger as you are twisting the zucchini and no thanks to blood in my zoodles. 



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