It’s Just A Phone!

Today, after two years, I get to upgrade my phone.  I currently have a Blackberry 9850, and the all touch screen drives me batty.  I have been impatiently waiting to return to a Blackberry with a proper keyboard.  

But today, I may buy an Iphone.  Or a Blackberry.  I don’t know.  All I do know is, no one wants me to get a Blackberry, because everyone says Blackberry is a dying brand and that Iphone or Android is the way to go.

The reason for this indecision is because of a job.  I just got a wonderful new job and it is very social media centered.  If I buy an Iphone, everything will work perfectly.  But there is no damn keyboard and I have been cursing my current all touch Blackberry for two years.  Seriously.  I wish I had a dollar for every time I muttered or shouted about how much I hate touchscreen keyboards.  HATE.  

I hate touchscreen keyboards so much, that I am almost willing to get a Blackberry and hope for the best that the news of being able to have Android apps on a Blackberry will be flawless in its operation. That’s alot of hate.  And in all honesty, if this new and glorious job had NOT shown up, I would be getting another Blackberry (this would be my fifth, currently on my fourth) as I have for years. No second thoughts.

But now there are second thoughts.  I need to be on board with my managerial team 110% and I am afraid to take a risk with a phone that needs to be sideloaded with programs and receive a chancy or subpar app.  

I am overthinking this.




A New Chapter

Today Frank and I blew our Whole30 diet and though it was delicous, I don’t see doing that again anytime soon. Phew! My body just simply bugged out.
Why did we blow our Whole30? Well, we actually completed the wHole 30 2 days ago; we went out to celebrate.
I am now officially an assistant manager of Alex and Ani in San Francisco.
Alot of exciting and scary things are going to happen quickly. I need to find a place, it looks like I will have to find a place right in SF. Frank will have to be left behind to care for our house and to finish school. This is nuts. I am already missing him, but hopefully the time will go by quickly.
Thank goodness we are atill going to NJ. We will have 2 weeks to spend together and I am going to make them count.
I will keep you posted.

my new favorite stack of #xbytrollbeads and #pandora

As much as I love skulls and bones, it just doesn’t work well with others. It is too morbid and negative and I don’t want to be misjudged as someone I am not. I will save my bones for my “me” time. Lions definitely work. Snakes sort of work, but still a little sketchy since a lot of people are frightened of snakes. Lions are formidable as well, but are considered a regal animal. So I am going to get some more lion stuff;)

My Last Day of #Whole30

Yep. I had miscounted the days, I thought tomorrow was my last day, but alas, it is TODAY. I look upon this with excitment and yet trepidation.
I purchased some greek yogurts, cheese, heavy whipping cream, and ice cream. We have to eat dairy at every meal and then wait 2 days to see what happens. Next, we eat gluten-containing grains, like a bagel for breakfast, pasta, and some bread at dinner. And then wait two days. Then, eat non gluten grains, like rice and wait two days. Lastly, eat legumes, like peanuts or black beans, and wait two days. I am going to see what happens, and let you guys know.
I almost don’t want to weigh myself. If i only lost a pound or three I would be disappointed. So maybe I will just keep chugging along.
Dropped some serious cash on jewelry, the ban begins again tomorrow. Sigh. I need to make this stick. Just one day at a time.

Day 27 of #whole30 and other musings

Wow. Three more days to go. I am looking forward to the end of my whole30, but at the same time I am a little sad it is ending. I am very leery of stepping onto a scale. Frank has lost an astonishing 10 pounds, and that was only by two and a half weeks. I have not dared to look. I do feel better, I sleep alot better, I have consistent energy throughout the day, but not bunches of it so I don’t know what to say about that. Time will tell. I am going to allow a few things back in my diet and hopefully they won’t affect all my hard work. I do know that I will be enjoying a delicous cup of coffee on my first day. With cream AND sugar.
I admit that my jewelry addiciton is pretty hard. I tried starting a jewelry ban AND doing a whole30 around the same time. That failed. There was a Rue La La sale for Pandora, so I picked up some gold charms, there was a special bead run also going on for Pandora so I picked up some more gold charms, and then Trollbeads decided to do a two week sale, so I have been looking for retired beads and stocking up on my X collection. How can I resist that AND do the Whole30? My jewelry addiction is real bad. I am disappointed that I have such a hard time resisting the shiny. But once my whole30 trial is over, I will start my ban again. Of course, I have spent scads of money that I don’t have. But it was money well spent. I have three more days until my jewelry ban starts up again, I have place a bunch of orders, I pray that I can resist for a year.
There is a very good chance that I will be an assistant manager for Alex and Ani soon! Please keep your fingers crossed for me 🙂

my gold #Pandora snake


stack of the day

I just love how I can switch my charm bracelets to match my mood 🙂

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