#whole30 day 17, #AlexandAni interview, and jewelry ban still failing

Been a good day. I had my second interview with Alex and Ani’s area manager, she is setting me up a third interview with her manager, very excited to be chatting with such interesting people! I know one isn’t supposed to be putting all their eggs in one basket, so to speak, but man… this would really be epic when I land this job. There is nothing I want more than to get out of the seemingly never ending circle of Starbucks. This month marks my sixth year, and though Starbucks has kept my head above water in more ways than I can count on my fingers, it is time to move on and I can’t wait to work for Alex and Ani.
I am at day 17 of my Whole30 and I am looking forward to the end. But, it won’t really be the end…I have a realization that this is going to be my main diet for the rest of my life. I doubt that I will ever eat most of the foods that I used to except once in a great while. I just need to face the facts. Frank sneaked a peek at his weight on a gym scale and reported he has lost 8 pounds! I am too nervous to look myself; I shall wait until the full 30 days has passed. However, I tend to lose weight first around my ribcage and it does seem like some weight has been shed. I also put on my favorite green shorts on today, and they fit slightly looser. Could it be? Could I really be finally losing weight? After all these years?
My ban is not going well, I bought two X links at 25% off today… I kindly informed my friend to no longer inform me of any sales, at least until next year. I would never have known that the Trollbeads sale also applied to X, I think that’s a fluke but I took advantage of it once someone told me about it so I need to know nothing about it anymore…You know its bad when you are reluctant to see how much your credit card bill is…
Read an issue of Decibel magazine. I need to get back into finding new music, I miss finding new stuff to listen to and Decibel is the best metal magazine I have ever read. If you like metal check it out, totally worth a subscription.


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