#whole30 day 18

Just chugging along with this whole30. I think I feel better, well, I know I do because there is no issue around food. I don’t feel guilty for eating a coffee cake at work; I don’t frantically scan the calorie count of anything. I just eat food. Granted, there is alot more prep work. I have to cook 99% of my meals. I don’t like eating pork sausage for breakfast, or eggs for that matter. If my body doesn’t react to it, I would like to go back to greek yogurt with fruit, or hell, blend it in my vitamix. I am looking forward to coffee again, but this time with cream and sugar. I have been drinking tea since I tried coffee black and that was a no-go. Tea has been holding me over but yep as sonas I can back to my creamy sweet coffee.
And that’s about it. Otherwise, I am going to keep up this whole30 for as long as possible. I like it. I know that in the long run, this is worth it and that cupcake isn’t.
Maybe I will buy a cupcake charm for my Tiffany bracelet to remind me 😉


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