My Last Day of #Whole30

Yep. I had miscounted the days, I thought tomorrow was my last day, but alas, it is TODAY. I look upon this with excitment and yet trepidation.
I purchased some greek yogurts, cheese, heavy whipping cream, and ice cream. We have to eat dairy at every meal and then wait 2 days to see what happens. Next, we eat gluten-containing grains, like a bagel for breakfast, pasta, and some bread at dinner. And then wait two days. Then, eat non gluten grains, like rice and wait two days. Lastly, eat legumes, like peanuts or black beans, and wait two days. I am going to see what happens, and let you guys know.
I almost don’t want to weigh myself. If i only lost a pound or three I would be disappointed. So maybe I will just keep chugging along.
Dropped some serious cash on jewelry, the ban begins again tomorrow. Sigh. I need to make this stick. Just one day at a time.


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