It’s Just A Phone!

Today, after two years, I get to upgrade my phone.  I currently have a Blackberry 9850, and the all touch screen drives me batty.  I have been impatiently waiting to return to a Blackberry with a proper keyboard.  

But today, I may buy an Iphone.  Or a Blackberry.  I don’t know.  All I do know is, no one wants me to get a Blackberry, because everyone says Blackberry is a dying brand and that Iphone or Android is the way to go.

The reason for this indecision is because of a job.  I just got a wonderful new job and it is very social media centered.  If I buy an Iphone, everything will work perfectly.  But there is no damn keyboard and I have been cursing my current all touch Blackberry for two years.  Seriously.  I wish I had a dollar for every time I muttered or shouted about how much I hate touchscreen keyboards.  HATE.  

I hate touchscreen keyboards so much, that I am almost willing to get a Blackberry and hope for the best that the news of being able to have Android apps on a Blackberry will be flawless in its operation. That’s alot of hate.  And in all honesty, if this new and glorious job had NOT shown up, I would be getting another Blackberry (this would be my fifth, currently on my fourth) as I have for years. No second thoughts.

But now there are second thoughts.  I need to be on board with my managerial team 110% and I am afraid to take a risk with a phone that needs to be sideloaded with programs and receive a chancy or subpar app.  

I am overthinking this.




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