Jostled About

Been a super long time since I blogged.

Since the last post, I have been to NJ to help my sister with her newborn baby, and then three days after returning from that, I started a new job in San Francisco which require quite a jostling of my entire life.

Is it worth it?


I don’t take a huge amounts of risks; for example, NO WAY would I ever attempt to bungee jump off a bridge, but this was a worthwhile risk. I took a job as an assistant manager at Alex and Ani in San Francisco.  I moved out of my house, leaving Frank behind (don’t worry, we are still happily together, but he has stuff to do that once its done he can move to the East Bay with me), and renting an apartment in a town I barely know to have the chance to do better in life.

It has been nerve-wracking.  I am learning all these new skills, learning to live on my own again and learning to commute like the big boys and girls do.

My work days are long; the commute is lengthy though easy, so I usually bring a book and some tunes.  I have been rereading The Fellowship Of The Ring and enjoying it immensely.  I spend a lot of time alone which quite honestly, I need.  I have sorta lost touch with myself, and I feel that it is good for me to develop a little on my own.  I still miss Frank like hell though.

On my days off I get stuff done like laundry and I pick one place to drive to that I have never been to so that I get to know the town that I am living in.  Since I am living alone in a town where I don’t know anybody I do tend to stay inside after dark, though I feel that where I live is safe enough, I just prefer to chill and unwind.  Plus I always have stuff to do!

I am doing my damnedest to keep up my Paleo because it makes me feel awesome.  After being in my new place for nearly two weeks I have started to get back into a healthy routine.  I have a Magic Bullet which I really like… I almost like it more than the Vitamix because it is so portable and easy.

I am relearning how to dress business casual.  Business casual is a grey area, and so it has been hard trying to find the right balance of conservative and expressing myself.  Came upon the great idea of dressing goth.  Hell yea!  Always have a little, but now I can play it up and it will look totally appropriate.  😉

Anyways, that is all for now, I hope to keep up on this blog better.  Shoot now that I have an iPhone I bet I can download the damn app.