Interesting Burial and Death Rituals

Gloomth & the Cult of Melancholy

We here at the ‘Cult have always been inspired by mourning rituals and attire of various cultures and eras. What’s fascinating about burial customs in particular is how they reflect the values and culture of the people they belong to, even as their lives evolve and change with time. Some traditions are dropped entirely and others are developed.

Korean Burial Beads– in South Korea available land for burial plots is dwindling so many families opt for cremation. Companies have sprouted up offering to turn the ashes into compressed beads. These beautiful beads are often displayed in the home in glass urns or elaborate dishes. Mourning and the way we honor those we have lost evolves to suit our culture and lives, this is a fascinating way to see that in action- how people develop new ways to maintain tradition and respect as their world changes.

south korea funeral beads Obviously not my photo. If…

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