And It Has Begun

The other day, I found a house in NJ that piqued my interest.  5 acres of property, at the price point I was looking for… Discussing it with a friend, we talked about how awesome of a place it would be and I got excited.  I got so excited that I emailed it to my sister and mum.  I got the responses I expected.  It’s too much property, how am I going to take care of that?  It’s too far away from us, when will you have time to see the baby? It is so far away from everything…  On and on.  They don’t want me to rent, they think I would be throwing my money away; they don’t want me living too far away; they want me where they want me.

They don’t know me very well, do they?

What are they going to do when I move back and I no longer put on the facade that I have done for so long?

What will they do?


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