Having a Cocktail at the Habit in San Francisco.

Just got my ass handed to me by a woman named Amanda.  And I paid her to do it.  It was my first brazilian, and though it hurt more than any tattoo I have ever gotten, I will go back again and again.  I have been assured that it will hurt less and less.  It hurt.  ALOT.  But not enough for me to never go back.  I am tired of shaving myself and having it look like a badly plucked chicken.  It’s not that attractive in the first place.  But today, as I exited the place and slowly walked to the bus stop, I felt good about myself.  I finally did it and though it hurt like hell, it wasn’t the end of the world and I hope that in time it will hurt less.  If it doesn’t I may not return.  We will see.


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