one step at a time

Today is a gorgeous day.  There is nothing quite like the first beautiful day after months of snow and cabin fever.  It is like breaking out of prison and experiencing freedom for the first time in what seems like ages.

But for some people, today is even more wonderful than that.  Those are the people that own a motorcycle.  Today means that they can start up their engines, and spend some serious time in the wind.  I was on my way out from an interview, and I saw two guys on their bikes, throttling by and I felt a keen sense of envy.  I felt it in my chest, and I knew at that point that I had to ride.

When I came home, I watched as my love started up his bike, strap his helmet on, and start rolling his way out onto the road.  His flaxen hair caught the sun as he rode down the driveway, and I wanted so badly to go.  He looked so beautiful as he tore away on his Harley, face to the wind and freedom on two wheels.  I would like to be on the back of his bike, but in all honesty I want my own.

But I have to do it right.  I have to get the right gear.  So far, I have an armored hoodie on the way, and three pairs of pants tough enough for riding.  I just need a pair of boots and possibly a helmet.  And then I need to take lessons.  Sigh.  I am so impatient.  I just want to get my gear and at least ride with my man; being on the back of a Harley is better than no Harley at all.


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