Does Zack Snyder Think We’re Stupid? A Look at the ‘Dawn of Justice’ Trailer

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A couple of years ago the teaser trailer forMan of Steel hit the internet and I wrote a feature about why it didn’t look very good. People were unhappy with this assessment, insisting that it was, in fact, going to be a good movie and that I shouldn’t judge it until I see it.

Let’s put aside the obvious – namely that they hadn’t seen the movie either and I was judging the trailer, not the movie – so I can say this: I WAS RIGHT.

Man of Steel was, at best, mediocre. It was mishandled, needlessly moody, confused and…well, the action was amazing, but it was pretty forgettable in this era of non-stop big screen superhero shenanigans. It did make enough dosh for the studio to green light the sequel -Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – and a bajillion spin offs. The teaser trailer rolled…

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