HOLY HATE FEST BATMAN! A Second Look At The “Dawn of Justice” Trailer

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Like many superhero fans I hold Batman and Superman in high regard.

Batman has been and always will be, my favorite superhero.  As elaborate and sometimes fantastic as his tales have been, Batman’s story always seemed the most realistic to me.  A young boy sees the tragic death of his parents right in front of his eyes and is inspired to fight crime.  Granted this is on a grand level and it helps to be a billionaire, but many a police officer and federal agent have experienced similar tragedies that led them to law enforcement.  Additionally, he’s a superhero without super powers.  He relies solely on his intelligence, detective skills, and mastery of body and mind.   Batman is also a character that recognizes that in order to bring criminals to justice sometimes you have to work outside of the law.

On the other end we have the Man of Steel.  Other than…

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