17 Reasons Why You’re Always Restless In Relationships

I found this article somewhere on here. I am not a person who gets restless in relationships, but I found this article interesting. Let me know your thoughts!

Thought Catalog

cjonpirovano cjonpirovano

1. You’re the one who loves less, but it’s not because you have less love to give. It’s that you’re scared to give too much of yourself. When someone is okay with loving you at your worst, it makes you feel like you owe them more than you can give. You’re torn between appreciation and running away before you’re bound to that person’s support.

2. You prefer to figure out problems on your own, instead of letting another person weigh in. You feel like bringing up your shit constantly is a burden, so you keep it to yourself and work through your challenges on your own.

3. You struggle to be satisfied in the present. You like the chase too much, but find post chase “bliss” anticlimactic.

4. Something you’ve come to expect out of relationships is that they end. Often badly. When you’ve become accustomed to things going…

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