It’s Getting Real Now

There is a bike in my garage that has my name on it. Sort of.  I found a sweet Harley Sportster 1200 Custom and except for the fact that the previous owner hadn’t started it in 7 years, it is cherry.  I have signed up for my lessons, and in a month I will be nervously maneuvering a little bike in order to ride mine.

Now that shit is getting real, I am worried that someone will clip me with their car and then I will lose a leg.  I need to do this; I have been scared of so many things in my life, and I need to get over it.  I just happened to pick a damn dangerous thing to do.  Sure as hell beats skydiving or base jumping so I guess it isn’t that awful.  So I am going to get the best protection that I can, and that’s it.  I have a great helmet, I have upper body protection, I have a nice pair of chaps that I need to get altered, a pair of leather gloves, and all I need now is a good pair of boots.

I am not going to let anyone push me.  The fact that I am getting on a MC and that I am going to hit the road should be enough right now.  However, I am dying to let loose and put everything behind me, literally.  I am looking forward to screaming down the road, not worrying or thinking about anything else, just keeping my shit together on my bike.

And that’s why I am anxious. I so badly want to be the biker I know that I already am, at least in spirit. I must not allow the fear to creep in and take up residence in my heart.


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