Should It Stay or Should It Go?

I am pooped… Did alot of dirty work (literally).  I don’t have to be in tomorrow until 11am.  Woot!  Wasn’t allowed to be tempted into buying a new laptop today…  I was only in Fry’s for literally 5 minutes, since I had to be at work on time!  I don’t know… If your laptop turned on about half the time, only would turn on while connected to its power supply, and in order for it to turn on that 50%, you needed to tap it in one certain spot, would you think it was time for a new laptop? 
two pieces of buttered whole wheat toast: 390 calories approximately
a bowl of noodles, sliced carrots, tofu, and mushrooms at Mongolian: calories unknown
three spring rolls: calories unknown
Spinach feta wrap: 220 calories
3 tall nonfat caramel macchiatos: total calories 420
half of a grande passion tea sweetened: 40 calories
Total: 1070 that I am aware of… I am sure the Mongolian put me over 1500 today. 
Oh I almost forgot… One of the people I worked with today told me that because vegans and vegetarians don’t get enough B12 by eating meat, that their brains shrink.  Ahem.

Don’t You Ever Listen?

Have you ever heard your heart break?
It’s not too loud, not loud at all.
It sounds like when leaves start to flutter, start to fall.
It whispers.
Are you listening? 
When you don’t listen to your heart…
We all know the end to that line.
We hear it all the time.