And Another Thing…

I no longer want to hang out with people that do not accept for what I am.  Not many people I know can go see a Danzig concert and then go shopping at Cartier the next day.  I can’t help that I like mixing polo shirts with pettipants.

I hate having to chirp along to other people’s songs.  I much rather spend my time alone, doing what I want to do instead of hanging out with others for the sake of not being alone.

I no longer care about being alone.  My interests are more important than friends.


Midsummer Fairy Festival

I worked at the Misdummer Fairy Festival yesterday for my job, and it was fun.  I took some pics, so when i can i will post them on my shutterfly if you know my address, check it out!  Anyway.  i got to participate in a circle, which was really interesting, as i haven’t been around other pagans/wiccans in sooo long.  actually, i have never been in a circle with other pagans, much less strangers, EVER!  so it was different.  i actually wish that i could go back today…  but alas, i have to cover for my employee who is manning the booth today.  i know that he is going to have alot of fun!