#whole30 day 18

Just chugging along with this whole30. I think I feel better, well, I know I do because there is no issue around food. I don’t feel guilty for eating a coffee cake at work; I don’t frantically scan the calorie count of anything. I just eat food. Granted, there is alot more prep work. I have to cook 99% of my meals. I don’t like eating pork sausage for breakfast, or eggs for that matter. If my body doesn’t react to it, I would like to go back to greek yogurt with fruit, or hell, blend it in my vitamix. I am looking forward to coffee again, but this time with cream and sugar. I have been drinking tea since I tried coffee black and that was a no-go. Tea has been holding me over but yep as sonas I can back to my creamy sweet coffee.
And that’s about it. Otherwise, I am going to keep up this whole30 for as long as possible. I like it. I know that in the long run, this is worth it and that cupcake isn’t.
Maybe I will buy a cupcake charm for my Tiffany bracelet to remind me ūüėČ


Today I received the very sad news that my favorite yoga studio, Shrikula Yoga, has closed.  Minus.  Big, big, minus.

I did receive the good news that the former owner of Shrikula will be teaching at the Bikram yoga place in my town.  So, right off the bat, I will have some of my familiar classes starting on the 17th with familiar faces.  Plus.

The one class that I did a few weeks ago was very challenging.  In my personal opinion, I will need to be VERY prepared.  If I am not, I feel like I would die in the Bikram class.  Minus.

What I liked about Shrikula is that it felt like what¬†I assume a¬†yoga studio should feel like.¬† I felt like I could hang out there even I wasn’t hitting up a yoga class.¬† I might be able to do that at this Bikram.¬† We will see.¬† Even though Shrikula was physically grueling, I felt that it had a strong spiritual vibe.¬†I didn’t feel that at the Bikram class I went to.¬† Minus.

It will be alot closer.  Like, I could bike or walk to it. Though, with how grueling the Bikram classes are, I have a feeling that I will be driving to those.  Plus.

I will still be paying my awesome rate of $50 a month for at least 4 more months or so.  That will give me time to decide if I want to pay the $79 a month rate.  If they keep a mix of Bikram and non Bikram, then yes.  If not, then I am going to give Veera Yoga in Roseville a try.

My First Bikram Yoga Class Experience

Last week I went to my local Bikram yoga studio to try Bikram for the first time.  For those of you that may not know what Bikram is, it is a particular teaching of yoga that was created by Mr. Bikram himself and it is definitely different from any other yoga I have ever done.

I chose a 9am class, because quite frankly that is the earliest that I can do and I needed time in the morn to prepare for this class.  To be honest, I was actually quite nervous.  I was concerned about the  high heat/high humidity combo and if it would be too hard on me and whether or not I could make it through a 90 minute class.  I wore my lightest weight yoga top and my lightest weight crops.  I drank a full glass of water right when I woke up, and had something small to eat.   I tied my hair up, grabbed my stuff, and headed out.

I really love the location of this place.  It is SO close to my house.  I drive to the next town over to my yoga studio, and though I love my current studio, if it was closer I would love it more.  I walk in, and the instructor for this particular class is there, and she sets me up.  We take a tour of the place, and it is very nice.  They have showers, and also a large changing room.  There is only one room for the yoga, and that is off to the left.  After I get the tour, I head towards the room and open the door.

I feel like someone walloped me right in the face.¬† The heat and the humidity was high.¬† I had asked previously what they kept the room at, and they informed me that it was kept at 105 degrees with 40% humidity.¬† I believe it, but I still wasn’t prepared for it.¬† I can only thank myself that I had already been practicing hot yoga (there is a difference between hot yoga and Bikram, by the way, which I didn’t really know either, but I will explain the differences as I go) and if it wasn’t for that, I am sure I would have not made it through the class.¬† So right off the bat, the differences I first notice is yes, the heat (my studio doesn’t go higher than 100 degress), and the set up of the room.¬† They have carpet on the floor.¬† All Bikram approved studios have to have this carpet.¬† I have no idea why, it seems strange to have carpet in a room that makes people sweat buckets, but it is a peculiar carpet that I have never felt before, so maybe it is a sweat-resistant carpet *shrugs*.¬† My yoga studio has hardwood/laminate floors.¬† Hm.¬† They use flourescent lights, which makes the studio BRIGHT.¬† No idea why, but all Bikram approved studios have to have flourescent lights.¬† We have purty wall sconces that are usually dimmed.¬† They have ceiling to floor mirrors.¬† All Bikram approved studios have to have mirrors.¬† I am not against mirrors, I just don’t have any mirrors at my studio.¬† Also, the room was painted in a crazy orange color.¬† All in all, a high stimulus room as opposed to my chill studio.

All Bikram approved studios have do the same exact 26 poses, twice, in the same exact order.¬† It was tough.¬† I think it was tough because it was SO HOT.¬† I found a few of the poses challenging, but they were static poses, no vinyasa flow here.¬† Very interesting.¬† We did a certain number of poses standing, and then we did floor poses, and what was interesting about the floor poses was that we would rest in corpse pose inbetween each one.¬† Hm.¬† The instructor does not leave the podium that they are standing on for the duration of the class.¬† They also use a small microphone and there are big speakers in the class which I thought was pretty strange, since the room was not large, but I understand that this is also part of the Bikram standard.¬† I sweated ALOT.¬† There were a couple of times where I took a brief break, but then I recovered quickly and was able to get back into a certain pose.¬† On the end of the second to last pose, the instructor made it a point to announce my name as a new attendee, and how great of a job I did making it through the entire class and that I earned my “I survived my first Bikram yoga class” button (which I proudly have clipped on my purse, thank you very much!) and everyone clapped, which was cool, I have to say.¬† At the end of the class, which I was so grateful for, we laid in corpse pose, and each of us was given a chilly lavender scented washcloth to put over our eyes or neck or wherever we wished.¬† That cloth was the BEST cool cloth I have ever had.

I took my time getting up and gathering my mat and other things.¬† I wanted to refill my water bottle when I came out of the room, but I couldn’t find a water fountain anywhere (!), though they had several different kinds of flavored and unflavored bottled waters available for sale.¬† I ended up filling my water bottle in the bathroom sink.¬† I hope that in my post class daze, that I had merely overlooked it; I would hate to think a place that keeps you that hot wouldn’t have free water available.

I liked the experience.¬† I definitely prefer my yoga studio over this… Though I do wish that my yoga studio provided more hot yoga classes, since there is usually only one every day at 9am, but I can’t always make that, so I end up doing the Yoga Soup which is good because it heated to 85 and it is at noon,¬†but I know the heated room at 100 degrees increases the challenge for me, so I do prefer my hot yoga classes.

I will drop in here once a month if I can. I like the difference, though not enough to do it as my main yoga practice, and I love the convenient location… I just will hope that maybe a non Bikram yoga studio will open up in my town one day…

If you want to learn about Bikram yoga, here is the link: http://bikramyoga.com/

Yoga Update

I finally finished my last yoga Groupon class this past Monday.¬† After taking classes at my yoga studio for the past three months, I have decided to stick to it and sign up for the $50 a month unlimited special.¬† I told someone about that and they remarked how expensive $50 a month is.¬† I don’t think so.¬† For me, it is 100% worth it.¬† It is the only exercise that I have been able to keep up with and actually see results from.¬† When you break it down, it costs me $12.50 a week to go.¬† I can afford that, and I really don’t think that is expensive at all.

The only downside is maybe the Wall Yoga class.¬† I am not entirely sure, but that was the only thing I did differently last week, and then a day or so later, I woke up to my old friend, BackPain.¬† Today is the first day in nearly 8 days that I think i¬† am finally over it.¬† Well, 95% over it.¬† There is still a slight twinge.¬† It put me out of yoga comission for¬†5 days.¬† So, I am thinking… maybe Wall Yoga isn’t right for me.

I am pretty happy with the clothes I bought for my yoga.  I wish that they looked a little less YOGA and more something I could wear in or out of class, but they do the job and I am cool with that.

I am happy with having two yoga mats.  One is thin and less bulky, and one is thicker and more cushy.  Depending on where I go, I can bring the right mat with me.  I also finally got the best mat bag for me, and there is also a super cool yoga/everyday bag waiting for me in NJ as a present from my mum, which was super generous of her.

I think I look different.¬† Two cworkers at different days of the week remarked on how i looked thinner.¬† I took a look in the mirror, I suppose I do?¬† I weigh the same though; 160 freaking pounds.¬† I am barely 5’5″!¬† Too heavy.¬† ūüė¶


Bunch of various reviews on various Yoga stuffs

I have been trying my best to attend as many yoga classes as I can with my Groupon.¬† There are a few different types of yoga that they do at the studio that I go to ( http://www.shrikulayoga.com/index.html¬†) and so far the hot power yoga is the hardest, and the yoga soup is also hard, but at least it isn’t in a heated room, thank goodness.¬† I like this studio; granted, it is the first actual yoga-only studio I have ever practiced at, but I really do like it.¬† The vibe is really good, I am very comfortable here.¬† Once my Groupon runs out I am going to do the whole nine yards and get the one year of unlimited yoga.¬† I get it for a special price of 50% off… I just can’t beat that.

I am almost complete with my clothes for my practice.  I just need one top from one more place and then I will have a top and pants from my three favorite clothing shops that sell this sort of stuff.

Lucy is located the closest to me.¬† I have a pair of their power core knee pant, and they are awesome.¬† There is no shine when they stretch, they compress me and smooth me out without making me look like something I am not… and NO muffin top!¬† Yay!¬† They are already starting to pill a bit where my inner thighs touch, but hey, I got big thighs, what can I do?¬† They rub together.¬† Due to the fact that they ae so compressive, they are my heaviest pants… But it doesn’t seem to be an issue when I do hot yoga.

Lululemon has a showroom in Sacramento, which is like a “test” shop to see if it is worth their time and effort to set up shop.¬† I went into that showroom and loved it.¬† The only carried a limited amount of clothes, but there was enough there for me to know what my sizing is (an 8! yes!) and to determine if their pants would give me muffin top or not.¬† I ended up buying my top and crops from The Dailey Method in Roseville because they had a Lulu sale and I HATE paying full price unless I have to.¬† I went to a full fledged Lulu shop in San Francisco this past Saturday, and it was pretty awesome.¬† I saw so many things I wanted… I still want the Bliss yoga bag, even though I am using the Lulu bag my sis sent me.¬† I am just a bag whore.¬† ūüôā¬† I ended up buying the Un Mat.¬† It is a super thin, no cushion yoga mat but I¬†discovered, surprisingly,¬†that I like the super thin mats (plus they are more compact and light for me to carry).¬† Lulu doesn’t take back opened mats (which is lame Lululemon! Lame!), but luckily they had a demo Un Mat for me to try a few poses in.¬† I was sold.¬† For a company that makes running and yoga clothes, they also know how to make a pretty damn good yoga mat.¬† They popped my mat into a reusable tote that was black with the word POSER on it, which I got a kick out of.

Then I went to Athleta, which is a store that is even more limited in terms of where there are actual shops… the closest shop is in San Francisco.¬† I had ordered a pair of pants and a top from them online, and the top didn’t fit, so I planned on exchanging it at the actual brick and mortar.¬† This was also a very cool shop.¬† They offered me and Frank these fun flavored icy cold waters and they had a huge bowl of Luna bars free for the taking.¬† Even though they weren’t supposed to exchange my top (i discovered that they can’t exchange/return sale items if they don’t have it in store), they totally honored it for me no problem once they realized that I had misunderstood the policy I read online.¬† I tried on like a million clothes here.¬†¬† What I noticed is that depending on the garment, the size that was right for me changed.¬† That concerned me.¬† For example, the top that I had gotten online was a M and was too big.¬† A S was perfect.¬† But in another top I tried, a S was too small, and the M was perfect.¬† Hm.¬† Customer serice was great here, and they also put their clothes in a cute reusable purple and silver tote with their logo on it.

I have also discovered that with these three clothing companies, my purple/violet/lavender/fuschia obsession may get out of hand.

Just got my dvds and yoga props from Gaoiam in the mail today.  Once I have checked these dvds out I will provide some feedback on them.


My Yoga Journey

I came to the realization last month that I really need to get into an exercise program because quite frankly, I am 37, my body is looking less and less fit, and I need to keep in shape for health and secondly for my self esteem.

I HATE exercise.¬† I don’t think it feels good, I don’t like getting all sweaty, bla bla bla.

After using my gift certificate to my local fitness center, I discovered that I really enjoyed the PiYo class.¬† Once I had used up my gift certificate, I found a Groupon for a local yoga studio, and so far I have only taken 3 classes in 3 weeks.¬† Basically, I am averaging a class a week.¬† If you knew me, you would know that is a 180 degree turn for me.¬† I NEVER exercise… Well, I will take walks once in awhile, and I was trying to keep up on my exercise bike that Frank got me for my birthday one year (that reminds me… the Christmas tree has been gone for months I should move the bike back), and I do have a bare minimum exercise routine that I try to do when I remember, but that’s about it.¬† Pretty half hearted, actually.

I really need to be seriously exercising three times a week.  So here is my game plan: one yoga class a week, one bike ride a week, and then one loooooong walk a week.  That should work for now.  I shoulddo my bare minimum exercise on the other days; that way, I am doing something everyday.

I have chosen yoga as my choice of getting fit.¬† I like it, it kicks my ass, and yet I feel calmer afterwards.¬† I have taken three different classes at Shrikula Yoga (www.shrikulayoga.com) and so far, I really like the vibe of the place.¬† The first class I took was called Yoga Soup, is an hour long, and it kicked my ass.¬† The second class I took was called Chillsville, it is an hour and a half long, and though it didn’t kick my ass, it defintiely chilled me out and I really liked it.¬† Today I took Power Yoga, and it was in a 100 degree room, and I stupidly placed my mat almost smack in front of the hot air blower.¬† Dumb!¬† Guess who was getting their ass kicked?¬† Me.¬† Plus, I was sweating terribly.¬† At one point, I thought I was going to throw up, and was waiting for the feeling to get worse, but it didn’t; actually it went away after a bit.¬† At one point I thought I was going to faint from the heat… I don’t like hot.¬† Nope.¬† And it was HOT.¬† There were a bunch of times where I had to stop and just breathe.¬† I drank ALOT of water, and discovered that my water bottle sucked.¬† Well, it was free, what do you expect?¬† I am definitely going to need a better water bottle.¬† This was an hour and a half long class… But it actually went by pretty fast.

I will do it again.¬† But I will be better prepared.¬† I need not only my mat towel, which thankfully I had with me today, but I will also need a towel just wipe my face… And I need to tie my long hair up alot better.¬† And I need a better water bottle.¬†¬† Phew.

The Dailey Method and Lululemon Scuba hoodie/Lucy Activewear

Today I am reviewing two firsts: my first time attending a workout at The Dailey Method, and my first item of clothing from Lululemon and Lucy.

Apparently there is a promotion going on at my local Dailey Method for one free workout class.¬† Normally, one class costs $18.¬† Wow.¬† Okay, maybe it isn’t that expensive… But for me, with my lack of motivation, this is.¬† I enlisted two of my friends to go with me today.¬† When we showed up, they kept asking us if we had socks for the class.¬† Apparently they sell a sock with rubber grips on the bottom for $10.¬† Although you don’t NEED to have socks with grips on them, once I finished the workout I saw why it would have helped.¬† The room is carpeted, and it is low pile carpet, so I did slide a bit, but not too much, so I wasn’t too worried about that.¬† The instructor for the class started right on time, and the class was way more high energy that I expected.¬† We jumped right in with some serious stuff.¬† The Dailey Method is described as a combination of Pilates, yoga, and ballet barre work.¬† I assumed that it would be less hardcore than it actually was.¬† What I didn’t like was how she sorta yelled (not yelling at us because she was trying to be a drill instructor, but just the volume was stressful) the whole time, and I felt like we were being rushed through all of the exercises.¬† I did like that she would walk between us and make sure our form was correct.¬† I frequently had to alter my position in order to complete the exercises… I had hoped that she would have offered some alternatives for those like me that simply couldn’t do the complete/full exercise/position, since I am out of shape and this was my first class ever.¬† Towards the end, she did offer an alternative move for those that could not stretch their hamstrings by using a strap, which was SUPER helpful.¬† By the time the class was over, I was spent.¬† Not to mention that I was still terribly sore from my yoga class yesterday… After this class, I was shuffling like Frankenstein all the rest of the day.¬† If I had the money, I would consider taking this class.¬† I might take it a few more times with different instructors and see if maybe a different one would make it a more positive experience.¬† Another plus about this class is that you work all of the muscle groups and if I were to stick with The Dailey Method, I would probably look pretty awesome.

My favorite part about the Dailey Method is that they sell Lululemon clothing.¬† I have heard alot about this brand.¬† Usually,¬†if I buy any activewear, it has been discount stuff at TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, or Target.¬† So… this was a big jump from that.¬† I have an issue with spending money on clothes.¬† If I am going to spend alot it has to be durable, make me look good, and be comfortable.¬† Meeting these three standards is near impossible.¬† I just recently used the last of my birthday money for a pair of Lucy¬†Perfect Core Knee ¬†pants ( http://www.lucy.com/lucy-Perfect-Core-Knee-Pant/214264,default,pd.html?cgid=Bottoms_Crops&dwvar_214264_color=LUCY BLACK ) and also a¬†Lucy Sculpted Power¬†jacket ( http://www.lucy.com/Sculpted-Power-Jacket/212269_SALE,default,pd.html?cgid=On_Sale¬†); something actually nice enough to wear outside of a gym.¬† The pants… not so much.¬† I don’t feel like those can be worn outside of a gym.¬† But they are awesome.¬† They are the first pair of workout pants that actually hide my cellulite.¬† I am not exaggerating about my cellulite here.¬† It’s pretty bad, and usually workout pants are just too thin and then, well…¬†I have tight lumpy pants on.¬† Talk about a confidence killer.¬† It is bad enough that my thighs need alot of help; having orange peel texture to boot just made me look twice as ucky.¬† The jacket actually makes me look pretty awesome too.¬† Since I had such a good experience with buying these, I turned my sights onto finding my perfect hoodie.¬† Alas, Lucy did not have it.¬† But from what I saw online, it looked like Lululemon had it.¬† The Dailey Method is the only place in the area that sells Lululemon clothing out side of the Bay Area.¬† Yesterday I stopped by the Dailey Method to sign up for today’s class.¬† I picked up a hoodie ( http://shop.lululemon.com/products/clothes-accessories/women-jackets-and-hoodies/Scuba-Hoodie-33051?cc=4278&skuId=3444643&catId=women-jackets-and-hoodies¬†), and was¬†pleased by how heavy it was.¬† I slipped on a size 6, and it fit perfectly.¬† I took a look at the price tag and it was $108 (now, just to let you know… my Lucy stuff was a special price… not going to say why or how it was special, but a VERY special price… so the fact that I was about to plunk down $108 plus tax of hard earned dollars on a full price hoodie seems ludicrous).¬† The only things I can say are… This hoodie felt GREAT.¬† I slipped it on, and the fit was perfect.¬† It has thumbholes that didn’t pull when my thumbs were in them because the sleeves were long enough (I have long arms, one of the banes of my existence).¬† It is freaking¬†warm.¬† Actually and honestly warm because I get cold easily… The hoodie has a high neck, which also helps to keep me warm.¬† And the hood is not freaking huge… It actually closes a bit around my face, trapping in more warmth.¬† It is also flattering.¬† Not some boxy sexless cut…

I currently own over ten hoodies.¬† Maybe closer to fifteen.¬† Only one out of all of these keeps me warm.¬† And it is huge and boxy and has Mickey Mouse on the back and is meant more for wearing to Disney or sitting at home.¬† I have two with thumbholes.¬† One is so thin, that it is only good for summer.¬† The other one is only slightly warmer and has bones/ribcage on it which I think look awesome, but is just not warm enough.¬† The rest are a mish mosh of hoodies that I have bought without giving much thought to how warm they were, or if they made me look good or not.¬† I have so many hoodies that it has become somewhat of a joke between my and my boyfriend… ANOTHER hoodie?¬† Yep, I would bring home another one, and another one…¬† I don’t WANT fifteen hoodies.¬† I want like… three.¬† I also don’t WANT to spend over $100 for a hoodie, but… I think in this case, I am getting what I pay for.



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