my new favorite stack of #xbytrollbeads and #pandora

As much as I love skulls and bones, it just doesn’t work well with others. It is too morbid and negative and I don’t want to be misjudged as someone I am not. I will save my bones for my “me” time. Lions definitely work. Snakes sort of work, but still a little sketchy since a lot of people are frightened of snakes. Lions are formidable as well, but are considered a regal animal. So I am going to get some more lion stuff;)

stack of the day

I just love how I can switch my charm bracelets to match my mood ūüôā

It’s True…

It's True...

A year ago, I never would be on the Pandora website, building a bracelet. I thought Pandora looked too cutesy, that Trollbeads is way better.
Trollbeads is always number 1 with me. Their glass beads are spectacular. I only own one glass Pandora bead, the cherry blossom. Otherwise, the rest of them look like a 3 year old made them.
But out of the hundreds or Pandora charms, I find 15 or so of them pretty awesome. And here they are on this bracelet.
I made it myself.
So yep… Now I have two traditonal Pandora bracelets, a multistrand bracelet, and an Essence bracelet.
Of course my Trollbeads collection is mammoth compared to the Pandora collection. But Pandora can do a few things, like a star themed bracelet that looks edgy and goes well with all the black I wear. Trollbeads don’t ever look edgy. Though, the X by TRollbeads is REALLY edgy. I pair my X with my Pandora all the time now.
So yes.
I have Pandora in my jewelry collection.
It’s true.


The Ending Of My Trollbeads Frenzy

The Ending Of My Trollbeads Frenzy

So it is nearly over. In case you haven’t read earlier, my closest Trollbeads retailler will no longer be selling Trollbeads. They are currently selling them at 40-50% off, and I have been beating up my credit card and my cash savings a bit to get all the beads I can. I have dropped by enough times to have almost all the beads I had on my list, including a few surprises.
I also went a tad crazy and found both the foxtail necklace which is the same style as the bracelets and I found the Fantasy necklace on Ebay for a fraction of the original cost. In the midst of this I also went Dutch with a friend on a trunk show.
Also my mum picked up a lovley Trollbead for me during her visit to the UK.
It has been a bit mad.
I guess when it rains, it pours…
I am going to visit the shop one last time with my friend, and then I am good for quite awhile. I am a bit sad about it though. As much as the online Trollbeads shop has provided me with such wonderful selection and deals that no one else can match, in the end I love shopping from the little local shops that stock Troll. I like hand picking my beads. But this shop was a low level dealer… They did not freqently keep up on stocking their merchandise, the silvers always looked tarnished… It just wasn’t a good presentation. Which is too bad… So now there are 2 shops left… And both are 45 minutes or further away.
Now back to saving. For what? Who knows. It is just going to sit there and save until something awesome comes up, and then that is what it is for. Though I would like to try to save for a year… or two…

Damn You, Athleta!

Well today was my last day of $10 for 10 days at Zuda, and here I am.¬† Not at Zuda.¬† I am not angry, because $10 for even one class is awesome, but I really wanted to make it to one last class before the 10 day deal was up.¬† Instead I spent countless hours last night staring at my tablet screen, trying to figure out how to best use my Athleta gift card, since the initial purchase I made I¬†decided isn’t the best.

The past two days I have slept an inordinately long amount of time.¬† Which, has been fantastic.¬† I haven’t gotten this good of a rest/sleep in quite a while.¬† I know it is because of the weather.¬† Right now, it is rainy season out here in NorCal.¬† My bedroom is on the second floor, and it faces the street.¬† Which, in hindsight, sucks.¬† I hear every car door slam shut, every kid that is yelling¬†at their friends on the way to the park, every conversation people may decide to have right in front of my house.¬† Except when it rains.¬† No one is out, it is quiet, it is gloomy and overcast so no piercing sunlight to stab at my eyelids, the temps are cooler so I can snuggle down into my covers, and the rain is a natural white noise/ sound muffler, so it is wonderful.¬† So, so wonderful.

I bet I would love to live in Seattle.  I would be the most well rested person there.

Zuda Yoga was pretty nice.¬† Very clean, with wood floors, high ceilings, and lots of natural sunlight fills the practice room.¬† Zuda Yoga is mainly a power vinyasa studio, which is what I need and like.¬† Well, sorta like lol.¬† They offer only two yin classes right now, but I do hope they offer some more mellow classes, because I would love to hit up a mellow class once a week there.¬†¬† What I like is that offer a good number of classes throughout the day, so I can pretty much make one everyday if I wanted to, since they are all vinyasa and I wouldn’t miss out on my work outs.¬† The people that work there are super nice and were already making me feel very welcome and part of the group, which I thought was very nice.¬† Defintiely the friendliest yoga studio I have been to yet!

But now my trial session is over.¬† As much as I enjoyed it, it is time to try out a new studio.¬† I am going to try to squeeze in two yoga studios in before December 31st.¬† The reason why, is that in case I were to decide on Zuda, they are offering a $79 a month special for unlimited yoga which ends on that day.¬† However, that special is only good for 6 months, and then they go back to their usual price of $119.¬† Phew that is high!¬† I am going to be trying Veera Yoga and East Wind Yoga next.¬† If I were to choose Veera’s unlimited one, it would be $99.¬† If I were to choose East Wind’s unlimited one, it would $75 and that wouldn’t go up after 6 months.¬† We will see… I am not going to sign up for either one until after Thanksgiving, but I am going to put aside some money and start with Veera first, and then when I get paid again, in two weeks, I will start up with East Wind.

Tomorrow I am going to take the time to work on this resume of mine… There is a job opening that I am going to try for, a counsleing position… Tomorrow I will have lots of time to work on it and then hopefully send it out… I need to get going and improve my job position.¬† I have bene looking, and for once here is a job that I might actualy be able to get!¬† Wish me luck.


and THAT my friends… is a punk rock show

  • Hung out in Jack London Square
  • Chilled at the Blue Bottle Coffee shop… and just sat under an overhang outside with a cuppa joe and watched the rain fall and the people walk by
  • Had a sumptuous meal at Souley Vegan¬†and at the end of the meal, I hugged the owner
  • Gilbert¬†was sporting¬†a Misfits shirt which made me proud
  • After impatiently waiting for the 3 opening bands to finish, it was time for THE MISFITS.

  • Jerry and Dez signed the poster I bought at the show (that’s not me up there… I wasn’t that aggressive, though I should have been)

  • Watched a very drunk woman vomit onto the street curb and an elderly man was clapping it up for her everytime she vomited¬† ( 3 times) while I munched on cheese fries at an all night diner
  • Rolled in at about 4:30am today and loved every second of it
  • Thank you to Frank, who guarded my poster while I hung out at the mosh pit, found me¬†a random¬†killer Misfits patch that was tossed like garbage on the concert floor, and drove home while I passed out in the front seat.¬† I love you.¬† And, how awesome was it that we wore matching Docs?¬† LOL.
  • Thank you to Gilbert, who bought us dinner, ¬†post punk snacks,¬†AND most importantly,¬†for howling along with me while the Misfits played on stage.

I can’t wait to do this again.


Today I received the very sad news that my favorite yoga studio, Shrikula Yoga, has closed.  Minus.  Big, big, minus.

I did receive the good news that the former owner of Shrikula will be teaching at the Bikram yoga place in my town.  So, right off the bat, I will have some of my familiar classes starting on the 17th with familiar faces.  Plus.

The one class that I did a few weeks ago was very challenging.  In my personal opinion, I will need to be VERY prepared.  If I am not, I feel like I would die in the Bikram class.  Minus.

What I liked about Shrikula is that it felt like what¬†I assume a¬†yoga studio should feel like.¬† I felt like I could hang out there even I wasn’t hitting up a yoga class.¬† I might be able to do that at this Bikram.¬† We will see.¬† Even though Shrikula was physically grueling, I felt that it had a strong spiritual vibe.¬†I didn’t feel that at the Bikram class I went to.¬† Minus.

It will be alot closer.  Like, I could bike or walk to it. Though, with how grueling the Bikram classes are, I have a feeling that I will be driving to those.  Plus.

I will still be paying my awesome rate of $50 a month for at least 4 more months or so.  That will give me time to decide if I want to pay the $79 a month rate.  If they keep a mix of Bikram and non Bikram, then yes.  If not, then I am going to give Veera Yoga in Roseville a try.

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