and THAT my friends… is a punk rock show

  • Hung out in Jack London Square
  • Chilled at the Blue Bottle Coffee shop… and just sat under an overhang outside with a cuppa joe and watched the rain fall and the people walk by
  • Had a sumptuous meal at Souley Vegan and at the end of the meal, I hugged the owner
  • Gilbert was sporting a Misfits shirt which made me proud
  • After impatiently waiting for the 3 opening bands to finish, it was time for THE MISFITS.

  • Jerry and Dez signed the poster I bought at the show (that’s not me up there… I wasn’t that aggressive, though I should have been)

  • Watched a very drunk woman vomit onto the street curb and an elderly man was clapping it up for her everytime she vomited  ( 3 times) while I munched on cheese fries at an all night diner
  • Rolled in at about 4:30am today and loved every second of it
  • Thank you to Frank, who guarded my poster while I hung out at the mosh pit, found me a random killer Misfits patch that was tossed like garbage on the concert floor, and drove home while I passed out in the front seat.  I love you.  And, how awesome was it that we wore matching Docs?  LOL.
  • Thank you to Gilbert, who bought us dinner,  post punk snacks, AND most importantly, for howling along with me while the Misfits played on stage.

I can’t wait to do this again.

my charm bracelet (work in progress)

What I have so far. None of them are permanently soldered; the lady at Tiffany’s put clasps on them though so that I can see how it is going to look. They will be soldered on soon!


My sis bought us matching buddha beads to remember our trip to San Francisco together. Love it!

What I Learned While On Vacation

Recently, I have returned from a much needed vacation.  My boyfriend and I flew out to Florida, explored Walt Disney World for two days, and spent a few days with his parents afterwards.

I had a great time.  I visited Walt Disney World for the first time, and even though the Orlando heat and humidity was oppressive enough to fell those not prepared for it, I feel that I muddled my way through admirably.  I visited Hollywood Studios and Magical Kingdom the first day, and Epcot Center the next.  I was amazed by the differences between day 1 and day 2 of Disney.  Epcot Center was much more of a serious park, at least compared to Magical Kingdom.  I couldn’t resist picking up a few things to remember it by on my trip.  I am really glad that I was able to take a trek through Disney.  I didn’t even pay, though I did contribute a bit towards my friend’s ticket, split parking on the first day, and just paid for the parking myself the next day for convenience’s sake.  Still alot cheaper than it normally would have been.  In all honesty, I probably would never pay those inflated prices.  As cool as Disney was, I won’t ever need to go again, and I saw everything I wanted to see.

My other highlight was going to Palm Beach for the day.  I have always wanted to stroll along Worth Avenue, and it was definitely a great experience.  What can I say… I love to shop at nice places, but even more importantly, I love to hang out in nice places.  That, at least, is free.  My BF’s parents were kind enough to drive us down there, which was nice, especially for my BF, since he usually ends up playing chauffeur, which gets old fast.   We made our intital stop at the Palm Beach Gardens mall, and though you may wonder why I even bothered to stop at a mall while on vacation, I will explain why.   I love going to malls.  I used to hang out in the Monmouth Mall back when I was in middle and high school.  I enjoyed people-watching, and I still do to this day.  It’s the sociologist in me, I cannot help it.  It always fascinates me what kind of people are drawn to the mall; and I love visiting out-of-town malls to see the difference from my local one.  Time was slipping by, and we realized that we needed to hightail it to Worth Avenue if we were going to get any time to shop and walk.

I have never clapped eyes upon Worth Avenue before, but let me tell you; what a gorgeous street.  What was even better was how deserted it was.  The summer is the off season for Florida, so it was a treat to stroll down the street without bumping into people.  There were a bunch of little courtyards that branched off of Worth, and it was intriguing to wander into them and see what was hiding.  I found a shop that was literally the size of a closet that sold doggie collars and leads.  I was amazed at the tinyness of the shop, and thought it was the coolest thing ever.  I now regret not having the courage to snap a pic with my mobile, as it is too amazing to describe it accurately.   I also popped into a jewelry shop and bought myself something I had been wanting for awhile now.  And, for some crazy reason, it has been placed at the top of my blog, instead of being in this very spot.  Odd.  Sometimes I still struggle with how not easy this blogsite is, yet it offers more reliability than my Blogger is.  Oi, let’s not get me started on that.

I learned that Walt Disney World is worth the trip once, that I really do enjoy hanging out in uppity places, that I need to get in touch with my mum soon, and that I want to go back to school and learn to be an Xray tech.

All in all, I think this trip taught me alot.



So there is this hoodie that I really wanted that is for sale on the Suicide Girls site.  It was an outrageous amount of money, and now it’s half off.  Thing is, I really have enough hoodies.  So I didn’t buy it.  Gah! 
L.A. was alot of fun.  I had a great time.  I really needed to do that.  I also made a new friend.  I got to visit High Voltage Tattoo, which is where L.A. Ink is filmed.  What a sweet shop!  It makes me want to open up my own shop.  It looked so nice compared to what tattoo shops usually look like.  It actually looked fun and appealing.  I treated Frank and his parents to a vegan meal at this restaurant named Real Food Daily.  I always wanted to go there.  The food was delicious!  Santa Monica is awesome, Venice Beach is creepy.  Manhattan Beach was also very pretty.  Spending this much time at the Pacific Ocean only made me want to live near it even more. 

I stink like a rose

Wow I am tired.  Wow these cuffs are darn hard to type in!  (removes them)  Ok.  That is why I need to buy a set (or a single, not sure yet) that are more day- to- day.  I guess those cuffs aren’t meant for typing lol…  Anyways.  So I bought this Slimquick Appetite Control stuff the other day.  Works great!  Definitely going to buy more.  Just had my last meal for today (hopefully!).  When I get hungry again, I am going to drink that stuff and see how that goes.  I wasn’t so great today eating-wise.. It’s all because of yesterday. 
Yesterday, a bunch of us drove out to San Fran to hang out, keep cool, and have fun.  We walked alot (which I was glad!  I need the exercise), I didn’t eat too much (yays!), and even though I didn’t find what I was looking for, I found some other stuff.  I think the highlight of my day yesterday was trying on this really cute necklace at Tiffany’s, and having a seriously delicious meal at The Stinking Rose (slang term for garlic).  Oh boy was that delicious.  I love garlic, and this place was perfect for me!  EVERYTHING on the menu has garlic.  Yeah.  If it wasn’t so late, I would have gotten some garlic ice cream for dessert.  🙂  Sadly, I had to be at work today by 5:30am, so even with kinda trying to make it home on time, I didn’t roll in until after 10 pm.  Oi!  I pretty much had to go straight to bed. 
I woke up today, feeling very achey, starving (I had walked alot and hadn’t eaten much yesterday), and groggy.  I got to work, and as I walked by the pastry case, I grabbed a blueberry scone.  Man that was delicious.  Then on my first ten minute break, I made myself an iced venti nonfat white mocha.  I really needed the caffeine to get myself more alert.  THAT was also alot of calories.  Then, on my lunch break, I had a plain bagel with two packets of almond butter.  Not the best, but I was craving it.  I got home, and tried to nap, but then the news of the death of Michael Jackson (!!!) woke me right up.  I just ate a simple vegan cheese sandwich.  I still feel hungry, but I am going to make up one of those Slimquick drinks and that should be good. 
I have noticed for the past few days that not only does that one particular spot on my right, inbetween my neck and shoulder, hurt, but my entire neck hurts.  Like, maybe stiff?  I don’t know.  What I DO know is that it is annnoying.  Very.  So… I am still very tired, neck is stiff and hurty, still hungry… but I had a really fun time yesterday and I will sleep good tonight that’s for sure!