Too Fat To Ride

I remember the first time I was on a motorcycle.  My brother had a red Kawasaki, no idea what kind it was.  It was a lot of fun and even though that Kawasaki is long gone, the memories of riding with my brother will ‘t budgestick with me always.  Many years went by, and the next time I found myself on the back of a bike was in London; my newfound friend, a courier, took me though the streets of London, zipping in and out of traffic with an expertise only found with one’s job requiring riding all day everyday.  The next and last time I was on the back of a bike was with an ex; at the time I was living in Long Island and there were a lot of quiet roads in the spring before Memorial Day Weekend would bring in the rich bastards in droves.

It has been over 15 years since i have been on the back of a bike.  The idea of owning and riding my own bike was always there; but lack of funds, lack of time, and lack of biker friends explained the huge lapse of time since my last ride.

My work is cut out for me.  I need to get protective gear that won’t make me look like the youngest brother from A Christmas Story, waddling around in the snow.  I need to spend more time as a passenger, but I have gained at least 30 pounds since the last time I rode, so there is a good chance that I will exceed the weight limit and may not be able to even ride as a passenger.  I have tentatively started a search for a bike.  I will also take a motorcycle certification course.

The weight issue is embarrassing and no time like the present to get back into Whole 30.  Weight loss has been a serious struggle for me, and its not for lack of trying.  It just doesn’t budge.  If I can’t even get on the back of my boyfriend’s bike, I am going to be very ashamed.  Let’s hope that I can make it happen.  The daily drinking will have to stop.  The better eating will have to start.  Now that the weather is getting warmer, I can at least get out for a walk and I need to build my strength back up. All I can do is eat right and do something active everyday.  Whatever happens to my body is whatever is going to happen.  I am not going to miss out on life just because of my weight.

If all else fails, I will just get my own damn bike.