The Dailey Method and Lululemon Scuba hoodie/Lucy Activewear

Today I am reviewing two firsts: my first time attending a workout at The Dailey Method, and my first item of clothing from Lululemon and Lucy.

Apparently there is a promotion going on at my local Dailey Method for one free workout class.  Normally, one class costs $18.  Wow.  Okay, maybe it isn’t that expensive… But for me, with my lack of motivation, this is.  I enlisted two of my friends to go with me today.  When we showed up, they kept asking us if we had socks for the class.  Apparently they sell a sock with rubber grips on the bottom for $10.  Although you don’t NEED to have socks with grips on them, once I finished the workout I saw why it would have helped.  The room is carpeted, and it is low pile carpet, so I did slide a bit, but not too much, so I wasn’t too worried about that.  The instructor for the class started right on time, and the class was way more high energy that I expected.  We jumped right in with some serious stuff.  The Dailey Method is described as a combination of Pilates, yoga, and ballet barre work.  I assumed that it would be less hardcore than it actually was.  What I didn’t like was how she sorta yelled (not yelling at us because she was trying to be a drill instructor, but just the volume was stressful) the whole time, and I felt like we were being rushed through all of the exercises.  I did like that she would walk between us and make sure our form was correct.  I frequently had to alter my position in order to complete the exercises… I had hoped that she would have offered some alternatives for those like me that simply couldn’t do the complete/full exercise/position, since I am out of shape and this was my first class ever.  Towards the end, she did offer an alternative move for those that could not stretch their hamstrings by using a strap, which was SUPER helpful.  By the time the class was over, I was spent.  Not to mention that I was still terribly sore from my yoga class yesterday… After this class, I was shuffling like Frankenstein all the rest of the day.  If I had the money, I would consider taking this class.  I might take it a few more times with different instructors and see if maybe a different one would make it a more positive experience.  Another plus about this class is that you work all of the muscle groups and if I were to stick with The Dailey Method, I would probably look pretty awesome.

My favorite part about the Dailey Method is that they sell Lululemon clothing.  I have heard alot about this brand.  Usually, if I buy any activewear, it has been discount stuff at TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, or Target.  So… this was a big jump from that.  I have an issue with spending money on clothes.  If I am going to spend alot it has to be durable, make me look good, and be comfortable.  Meeting these three standards is near impossible.  I just recently used the last of my birthday money for a pair of Lucy Perfect Core Knee  pants (,default,pd.html?cgid=Bottoms_Crops&dwvar_214264_color=LUCY BLACK ) and also a Lucy Sculpted Power jacket (,default,pd.html?cgid=On_Sale ); something actually nice enough to wear outside of a gym.  The pants… not so much.  I don’t feel like those can be worn outside of a gym.  But they are awesome.  They are the first pair of workout pants that actually hide my cellulite.  I am not exaggerating about my cellulite here.  It’s pretty bad, and usually workout pants are just too thin and then, well… I have tight lumpy pants on.  Talk about a confidence killer.  It is bad enough that my thighs need alot of help; having orange peel texture to boot just made me look twice as ucky.  The jacket actually makes me look pretty awesome too.  Since I had such a good experience with buying these, I turned my sights onto finding my perfect hoodie.  Alas, Lucy did not have it.  But from what I saw online, it looked like Lululemon had it.  The Dailey Method is the only place in the area that sells Lululemon clothing out side of the Bay Area.  Yesterday I stopped by the Dailey Method to sign up for today’s class.  I picked up a hoodie ( ), and was pleased by how heavy it was.  I slipped on a size 6, and it fit perfectly.  I took a look at the price tag and it was $108 (now, just to let you know… my Lucy stuff was a special price… not going to say why or how it was special, but a VERY special price… so the fact that I was about to plunk down $108 plus tax of hard earned dollars on a full price hoodie seems ludicrous).  The only things I can say are… This hoodie felt GREAT.  I slipped it on, and the fit was perfect.  It has thumbholes that didn’t pull when my thumbs were in them because the sleeves were long enough (I have long arms, one of the banes of my existence).  It is freaking warm.  Actually and honestly warm because I get cold easily… The hoodie has a high neck, which also helps to keep me warm.  And the hood is not freaking huge… It actually closes a bit around my face, trapping in more warmth.  It is also flattering.  Not some boxy sexless cut…

I currently own over ten hoodies.  Maybe closer to fifteen.  Only one out of all of these keeps me warm.  And it is huge and boxy and has Mickey Mouse on the back and is meant more for wearing to Disney or sitting at home.  I have two with thumbholes.  One is so thin, that it is only good for summer.  The other one is only slightly warmer and has bones/ribcage on it which I think look awesome, but is just not warm enough.  The rest are a mish mosh of hoodies that I have bought without giving much thought to how warm they were, or if they made me look good or not.  I have so many hoodies that it has become somewhat of a joke between my and my boyfriend… ANOTHER hoodie?  Yep, I would bring home another one, and another one…  I don’t WANT fifteen hoodies.  I want like… three.  I also don’t WANT to spend over $100 for a hoodie, but… I think in this case, I am getting what I pay for.